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K. forward slash radio for Hulo relations with Russia are again very tense. There's a war of words going on and perhaps soon a cyber conflict, but thus far. Thank goodness, no actual war. The idea of us is a modern western state actually engaging in war of the old kind not simply a limited conflict. Far away has become almost unthinkable. And that is a massive change in our culture, our society and the way we think about ourselves Samak's Hastings is one of Britain's best known military historians, and his new book covers the Vietnam war for many unexpected angles, Helen PA, a historian, lost her uncle when he was killed in the Falklands war and has now written our boys, the story of paratrooper, Jen. Villawood Dannatt. The former commander in chief of the British army is also the author of an account of modern British soldiering while the journalists, Deborah Hanes has caused unimpressive manager of trouble at the ministry of defence, welcome all we're going to talk about war today, of course. But also I hope reflect on the historical ordnace of the fact that we live in such an unwarlike society. Now, Samak let's just start with Vietnam and we think of this as essentially new American war. But of course it begins as a French will can just talk through the origins. It was an extraordinary business that a non hundred Forty-five FRANZ have been humiliated in World War Two. Now, the Japanese had removed the French from Pau in Indochina the they're all colony general de Gaulle decided nine hundred forty four leader FRANZ that it was vital to the prestige LA, LA, LA Patrie to regain control Besim to have this door his empire again. So despite the fact that hosts Uman was leading a nationalist movement of a vigorous and popular nationalist movement in. Indochina the French set about attempting by force of all GMs to hold onto it, and they fought it war for ten years. Georgia will said memorably that the quickest way to end the war is to lose it, what it took, the French a decade to lose it, and it was a gospel bloody business. And in the early stages, of course, the Americans were quite close to hokey moons these people. I mean, the American advisors in with Vietnam, though, seventy weird things about it, special forces officers who were parachuted into how she meant and nine hundred forty five. They will miss in WT they decided he was upset new terrific. But then as the Cold War started getting cold in the late nineteen forties, early fifties, the Americans panic, they decided that how Cheesman represented of Chinese expansionism, which they will almost aesthetical about that period and they first of all, began paying all the bills for the French war. And you have this extraordinary situation that although the French were doing the fighting in the nineteen fifties, they were driving American GPS flying American planes wearing. American homes. So one too surprising when ten years legs, Erica the Americans ton on the, they feel that he's just a continuation of colonialism. Those an extraordinary moment, which to me is the most interesting part of British involvement. Nine hundred fifty four. The Frenchman Dushku trouble believe besieged by the vet men so-called hokey men's people. The NBN FU and Eisenhower is under a lot of pressure, the president to intervene militarily to save the French to destroy the communists. He says, we'll do it, but only if the British will come in out so eisenhart, right? So let the judge was his April nineteen fifty four. And he says, have we been here before with Hitler? Mussolini on civil? Is it not time to realize Churchill sent you a wonderful? He said, if if we could not save India for ourselves, we cannot save in China for the French said, the loss of the fortress mafia faced very good..

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