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Where the blood supply doesn't get to them. I take your point. But even in your theoretical example, the early antibiotics didn't cure, many kinds of bacterial infections. They were good for gonorrhea was good for pneumococcus that causes a certain ammonia is. But it wasn't good for things like staphylococcus and pseudomonas. So again, you we we really need to see the data. I wish it were true. But it's extremely unlikely. Okay. The last the last issue I want to sneak in while we got time doctors this the people in this institution have to understand that if what they have is true. Then they're their company is going to be worth billions or hundreds of billions of dollars. If what they've announced his vast overstatement or even just flatly fraudulent. They have to realize that there not only flushing their own company. But all the scientists associated with that announcement are also going to be flushing their careers. Aren't they? Absolutely. But people do irrational things. You know, there was a case several years ago when the manufacturers of apple juice, a common, apple juice. We're selling stuff that contain. No, Apple's no, apple juice at all. It was a chemical concoction major patriot company, and they had it had to be discovered. Eventually, you can't get away with that kind of thing indefinitely, and yet they did it they were prosecuted and the CEO and some of the other senior people went to prison for well. I'll tell you what Dr we're going to hang onto this interview. And in a year, we can replay it and say, Dr Miller was right or we can say, well, it turns out my hopes have been realized because I'd like to see this thing come along. And maybe someday it will Dr Miller, it's always a pleasure. Thanks so much for the time. Thank you, LARs, glad to have you on the program back in a moment. But hiring can be pretty time consuming. You post a job to several online job boards. I've done it. Only to get tons of the wrong resumes. Then you have to sort through all those resumes, just to find a few people with the right skills and the right experience those jobs. Sites that overwhelm you with the wrong.

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