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Way do traffic and weather on the W T. O P. Let's go to Jack Taylor in the W T o P Traffic center Well was rather eventful overnight. But let's start things off quietly this morning. If it all possible we'll start in Maryland topside outer loop. The early morning crash that was out in your Connecticut Avenue gone. We had a vehicle a truck to go through a guard rail through the overnight So while travel lanes have reopened, But let's take it easy out there. Remember with these wet roadways? We always have these seemingly accidents up through Montgomery County in Bethesda. So let's take it easy in a little bit about way near 3 55 mics of 30, for this is the inner loop in Bethesda. Reports of a downed tree potentially in the roadway crashed on to 70 was South bound just after 109. Apparently, it's along the left side of the roadway. Stay right to get by. We're quiet between the Beltway's For now. 95 in the Baltimore Washington Parkway fifties, Okay between North east of the Bay Bridge, the reminder with the holiday you'll find a Chevy restrictions in effect in Maryland. You'll find in Virginia right now. Traffic's moving pretty well. 66 95 3 95 on rue one down near 606 just north of the intersection, there was a downed tree. Blocking. Rou won in both directions also had a Purcellville Ashbury church road just north of Hillsboro Road. There we also have a downed tree or quiet on 66 at a Gainesville East all the way toward Rosalind looking just as good on the Greenway so far, and the Dulles toll road Elbit Systems of America is a leader of next Gen. Targeting Solutions for the U. S. War Fighter, Learn more and schedule a virtual meeting with their team at Elbit America dot com slash a U Yes, a Jack Taylor. W t o p. Traffic, not a storm team for a meteorologist Lauren Rickets. After today, rain chances pick back up as we get into your Friday, but not until then. But, yeah, we are dealing with the rain. Today. We're dealing with some low visibility.

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