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Like what I know now but I remember like not fucking with George Bush and a lot of people didn't I remember like that was the thing to hate George Bush like rightfully so and like it's it's so wild to me that years down the road all of a sudden George his everyone to fucking grandpa like it and that's what scares them he that's going to be like. I'm already angry that that's going to be like trump's future anyway anti way so we always it seems like for our last few episodes we all. We always have to talk shit about at least one white woman who like just some wack shit. This week it was Allen and also something that we have been talking about all the time especially for like the last few episodes as well anti blackness in the Latin x community. So let's jump into that because man let me tell you after recorded or last episode. I want to say maybe like I'm GonNa see a few days after the war did two days All of this shit happened on twitter. A lot of antibiotics shit happened in. Like spam of like disbanded like two days that meet Ruben. Were like let's fucking record right now because we really need to address this Unfortunately I was. Outta town like shit came up. You know but we've been wanting to address a lot of these things and so that's what we're GonNa do now but you'll still let you know all of this has been building up for like the last the last two weeks and so we wanted to talk about the the anti blackness And then today to day like two hours ago tell them what happened to our government. Generically guests that the N. Word on her instagram live or instagram story of Two other than that. We've also been wanting to talk about you know anti blackness in the lower next community. Like obviously like it's always they're like we're always as non blacks were always fucking up but like in the last month. I feel like we just took like let heritage monster like kick it up a fucking level Because there's a Lotta Shit that that has been going on like I mean. We almost recorded like an emergency again episode because like two days after our last episode after we recorded our last episode You know of a Hash. I woke up to a Hashtag trending and it was like. How do Mexicans talk and it happened because Becky G and this K pop star They released a song called chicken noodle soup which like US heavily sampled You know the song by a black artist and in the Song Becky G and J hope like have these like put on these like hood accents quote unquote and you know black folks particularly black access. Where like what the fuck is is right. Because like this whole. Like accent. Caribbean accented Becky. G put on like it isn't new first of all. She's been having this accent since she made the crossover to Latin x music and she started doing reggae tone and but her tried to pretend that it that she didn't that it is in some like some act even though it is so twitter user Rude boy Luna called it out. It's like why do these Why does Becky G put on this Caribbean accent? Basically that's not how Mexicans talk and so BECA G fans and like a bunch of Jay Hope stands like started. Harassing person eventually. Got Them to spend it and we're like all Mexicans talk hard we supposed to talk and it's like first of all you're being up twos because you know that you know there is a Mexican accent specifically if you're from fucking Inglewood which is where Becky G is from which is only like ten minutes from where I spent my fucking life In South East. La and she people particularly Mexican Americans in in Inglewood like they don't have the Carribean accent bitchy put on in order to reach a wider latter next market. Like that's something that she consciously did or for her not to not sound so wack as she is like appropriating reggae tone which the black Caribbean sound and so people are acting up tools. And I'm like I know I grew up around people like Peggy everywhere that we sound like even like as we've discussed before particularly with Daniel Baringo. When he was here like even like other Latin accent necessities that are not Mexican even their accents assimilate to the Mexican one in Los Angeles because the Mexican American accent is so prevalent Los Angeles that in order to fit in other at other Latin accent necessities assimilate there there. There's sound their voices and so to pretend that like becky. Jeez like use of a black Caribbean accent isn't some sort of like linguistic imperialism is kind of fucking ridiculous it's it's being Willfully ignorant to her not only Appropriating Black Caribbean music right. Because you know reggae tone didn't fucking come from Mexico and didn't come to fuck in England But also to appropriate the way that you know. Black Caribbean folks talk and so this Hashtag was viral and everybody was bashing decades detractors and even we are me too posted can walkouts essay about like quote unquote essay about how like it's ridiculous to Colorado her accent and Blah Blah Blah and. It's like you know how Mexicans Talk. You know how we talk. We don't fuck and talk like Becky. G pretends to sing like that's not our fucking voice. Nowhere maybe unless you're like maybe go over like Mexican folks are continuously surrounded by Caribbean folks. And there's more of an exchange but we're BECKY FROM REBECCA JASON. Her fucking life. That is not the cultural exchange that happened here like you know in La. We have primarily Mexican Population than after that is Central American particularly Salvadorian. And it's like Oh fuck in a laundry list of other Latin exit before we even get to a Caribbean like an ethnicity. The has that accent. So thank you for breaking that shutdown because there were a lot of people who were trying to like you said they were just being so op tooth and I was actually. I didn't even know that. Like the history behind it. So thank you for breaking that down when I saw the tag I knew that it was in response to like that video and like I knew the situation that was happening but I I was like when I started tweeting about it. There's always those cake. Kapot cake pop K pop stands in my mentions that I was so confused because I was like why. Why are there so many of them and we mentioned like do they like Becky Jedi Mino- who becky Gee whiz I really didn't know a lot of the details and then like I put it all together like Oh cade so? They're like defending her because she made a song with like someone days. Then so it's not necessarily you know these stands out here on twitter racist this Plug anti-black book number one but they're also just so fucking messy and exhausting and a lot of them. I love these K- keep pop stands are Mexican. Apparently the whole deal is a hot ass but it. This is the thing like a day before that happens like literally a day before this tag happened. Actually let's rewind Lebanon. Let me add one thing before you move while at that like. It's also like you said like Ja. K Pop stands a lot of them are Mexican or latter necks and I think that this is a perfect opportunity for us to ask ourselves why. There's such a big fan base for K pop in Latin America and for tone and Latin America. He know when these are particularly for reggae tone. Its current iteration is one that completely erases. Its founders right. So black people erased from the music. They create it right and for with Cape. It's like you see all these East Asian folks like adopt like you know their idea of like you know black hip hop star Black Popstar into their own image unlike wondering if this is a way for like non black Latin Americans to like listen to hip hop to listen to reggae tone without actual black people being in the picture and so I think that's important folks need to maybe ask themselves if they've never engaged reggae tone prior to the Becky g's of the world and never engaged like I am being hip hop prior to you know K. POPs Iteration of it. I think that really asked us to to to figure out like what's kept us from those John Rest prior to them. Thank you for writing that Yeah because that threw me off to and then I made important so there was an article that came up and it was about three non Black Latinos in Arizona. I believe who shot at a black man for telling them that they shouldn't use the N. Word so these were three non Black Latinos you know they were like ranging. I would assume from like eighteen to twenty one so you know. They'RE PRETTY YOUNG. Not An excuse. But just giving you some background. They had approached black photographer at the park to take. The other is a black photographer. He was taking pictures and they approached him. And we're like you know. Can you take pictures of us? So this black man is taking photos of them and doing them a favor and they're over here saying the N. Word and maybe not. There was a video of it. I didn't watch it either. 'cause I don't like watching these videos but the video was was posted for people to see So I would. I assume that they were just saying the N. Were amongst themselves. I don't think they said it to him. They were just saying that to each other or saying casually and this black man said you know if you're not blocked Sadia mark which is a very simple thing to say and their response was. Let's shoot at this man for telling us not to say this word The Black Man did not die. Think fully not that. That makes it any less better. I mean obviously. I'm glad he's alive but that happened. And then the very next That brought conversation obviously of like. I don't know it's two thousand nineteen and I honestly am tired of people of non black people questioning why they can't say the the N. Word it fucking trips me the fuck out. It really does like it's such a simple thing I like. I don't understand like what's so complicated about not saying the N. Word of you're not black. I like and I know what it is. I know that it's like racist anti blackness and it's like people feeling entitled to Black Culture and feeling entitled to using this word and I think black people telling non black people that they shouldn't use it makes them want to use it even more because that's like their own anti-black racism that's like oh a black person's telling me not to do this. Well who are they you know? And it's like this power thing and it's on it's all of it is rooted anti blackness. Oh yes I understand. Why people see the N. Word but I'm also come look come on like I don't know like I don't know how many times like this has to be said and the whole thing about that article in particular like that situation that happened is like y'all are so invested in determined to stay this word that you're willing to go to prison for it that your will not just to go to prison for it. You're also willing to kill somebody over it so when people tell me it's just the N. Word or it's just a song or all of these fucking excuses and it's like it's rooted in a lot more than that. It's not just quote unquote a word. First of all. That word has a lot of violent history. It's night yours to use. Its you're saying. Oh It's a song. It's just a word that doesn't mean. I'm racist yes it does mocking Meena races because black people are telling you not to say it number one but also because you know what I mean. It's for those people that say those things like this is how how upset people are that. They can't use it. This is how invested they are insane. That word that they're willing to be fucking violent physically to defend their use of that word so that happened and then anyway I just want to give a little like the those two main things happened and then right after that that happened right after like we were having that conversation about the n word that. Hashtag thing happened the very day so people were defending the right to use the N. Word and in the very next day they harassed a black deny and got her suspended from twitter for calling out anti blackness and then they made a Hashtag in response to that trying to make themselves the victim in the whole situation in that. Hashtag which trending like. That's the thing that took me out like that. Hashtag was fucking trending on twitter. So y'all had that so much energy to do all that but you have no energy to like not say the N. Word to tell people not to say the word you know when that when that article came out of the shooting like we could have all made. Hashtag like about it like don't see the N. word of your black or you know what I mean having a conversation about it but no one did that. Everyone wanted to justify their their work. Their use of that word and instead wanted to put all their energy into creating this false narrative of us being a victim of quote unquote legs and a phobia and racism from blacks Latina. Like that whole thing like is my God. Yup people were like coming for this person Rude Boy Luna who? Who started the conversation about like Becky? G appropriating a black ribbon accent. They were attacking Baloney because apparently she use the word SPIC Which I didn't know that people still found offensive T H harm. Because I I other than like the occasional time where night like. I've said it as a joke right. Hit speak if you don't know it's kind of like an older slur for a lot. An EX folks in A. It's like a kind of drawing on the word Hispanic But you know the only time I've ever really heard a has been in like literally the west side story.

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