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My partner and I were on the air. And next thing. You know, we were off the air. Murphy says the initial jolt lasted for up to a minute the ACLU has called for drastic reforms to the disciplinary process at the LAPD ACLU. So Cal attorney Melanie Otila's says the civilian board in charge of discipline is picked behind closed doors that process wasn't intentionally skewed to make sure that people who are seem like they're going to be in favor of officers are selected and those who are too hard on officers are eventually removed from the board of rights a show says in more than half of the cases where a police chief has decided to fire a copper misconduct. The board has overturned the decision. The group is calling for more transparent of a process police in south LA say they're trying to find the vandal who painted swastikas on a mural. Investigators are checking for surveillance video and trying to get tips from witnesses someone painted the symbols over faces on the Black Panthers part of a community mural people who live around Crenshaw boulevard. Day take the vandalism personally, we don't have much. So the one thing we're going to do is we're going to hold onto what we do have. This is a part of us. This will always be a part of a local artist who worked on the bureau painted over the graffiti Thursday police say the tagging could be a hate crime anthropology KFI news, a streetcar project costing more than four hundred million dollars is back on track and Orange County transportation authority CEO. Darrell Johnson says the agency has finally secured the federal money that it needed for this project. We're building for something five years from now ten years from now twenty years from now, and the fact of the matter is transportation is going to be different. We were built out on the road and freeway system, particularly in Santa Ana in garden grove, and this is going to be part of our future. This streetcar will make ten stops along a four mile route from Santa Ana to garden grove eight. Oh, see streetcars are expected to be in service starting in twenty twenty one the annual tree lighting in Westlake village has turned into something more this year the community that recently went through a mass shooting and a devastating wild. Fire tried to get in the holiday spirit last night Ventura County fire division chiefs, John Spieckermann says there's been a sense of unity in the area. Take sometimes those tragedies to bring our communities together. But hopefully, we'll be able to keep this going on the original plans for the tree lighting were pushed back due to these tragedies. Some of the first responders who showed up to those calls also attended the event the US government has set aside nearly seventeen million dollars to help people affected by the Vegas shooting. The Justice department says the money will help cover.

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