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Right the same here. Let me just say you better find you before you get. Replaced old cartoons. Oh i see little. Oh here we go if i let me be france. And let's get out of this kito yards again. Forty thousand eight hundred. You don't own pace to have seven. Thousand eight hundred deck was averaging four hundred. Eighty eight yards per game humming wednesday to get out of that. Don't know yards. Let's talk about points per game. Thirty two point. Six fifty cents. Specialties students mccarthy yup yup yup nobody showed up deck from day one average in thirty two and a half points per game. Sorry that would have led the league if he could have continued his services. There too many cops out there for dak prescott. Have this kind of audacity. Same kind of arrogance. That i half hopefully debt continues jerry. You in trouble bro. Coming up at the top of the hour. The marge jackson won is first playoff game this season. But we'll tell you if he's done enough to silence his doubters next on. 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D. but james harden kyrie combined for sixty five points to believe feet clip city chips in to After the game kyrie said quote winning six in a row. All it does is keep the world silent for a little bit. Then wait until we kinda hit a bump in the road. Then it's what's going on with the net. We joined by nba analyst. Nick rick slick was good but marcelo. Issues buzzer yaser sold on the nets. After their win over your clippers. Yes some sold on them after their win against the best team in the nba. The los angeles clippers already sold on the brooklyn nets even before their game against the clippers. Do as soon as i heard. James harden was on the brooklyn nets. What did i come here and say it's a wrap in the east like y'all in trouble but last night show me that. It may be a rapper. Wes as well. Do you know that this team system similar since brought together in a symbol is an auto versus western conference playoff teams. Wait a minute. Did they have an undefeated. West coast trip on the road yesterday. Do because i love this line that i read about this team. They have top end talent but lately they're starting to develop their toughness and their togetherness man look they are just taking turns of. Who's going to kill you. What's weapons shoot. They use in that given moment. Because even without kevin durant they're still going out there and getting buckets and serving the top teams in the west combined. Eighty one points a game k. D. kharian harden. Obviously that's the highest point per game total trio and the nba. So anyone disagrees with me. Is that type of person. And we all know that type of person They just hate on stuff just to hate on like part they hate on it because they know they can never achieve it and their team probably won't become the brooklyn nets. Never been with somebody and they look at it. And you looking at red fin you just driving by houses. You like damn. That's fresh and they like. I'll be to be. I don't like to brooklyn this too good. They got good players. That's how you sound like if you hate on this team. This team is coming out the east. Yeah big dog. I got to agree with you for the time being. I'm sold on the nets in the regular season. Okay here's a caveat there. I'm a numbers regular season and not even because of the big three but the nets role players are playing their role. Joe harris seemingly going to give you three or four trays game in and game out then somebody else up. It might be tlc. It might be brute brown coming off the bench like southern body's going to give you buckets here. Watching the one game shamming. Next game is harassed. Next game is great. Kyri k. d. james harden whichever one of those trio plays or if they all play to of them play. You know what you're going to get from them but let me remind you in. Pg really neutralized kyrie in hard good not the issue. The issue was the clippers only had one more player in double digits nets had three players in double digits. So when you talked about the big dogs big dogs cancel each other out what happened with everybody else. What happened with the role players and it looks like the nets role. Players are finally getting in gear. That's why i'm scared about the regular season. The tricky part of this question is that we only have the first half and by the way show the next time. I'm in la. I wanna ride on the yacht that you picked up that cool. Make that happen. And it's not sold on the nets as what as the best team in basketball right now as a really good team like i. I knew when they got hard and they will be the best offensive team in the league and that they were going to be a difficult team to be acho mentioned in the regular season. But if we're taking the wins over the lakers and the clippers as evidence that the nets are something more than that that they are the team to beat in the league. I'm sorry but they play the lakers team. That was not at full strength. Did not have anthony. Davis and dennis schroder was not anywhere close to the number one defensive team that we've seen play this season even though they're not taking the season all that seriously and there's two things that happened in the clippers game and this is where i'm really shocked by marcellus being developed clippers. Fan that you are. There are two things that happened in that game. That will not happen in any playoff game number one. There will not be a ridiculously bogusch flop by james. Harden is rewarded. Can we can we see this. We see this is with the game on. The line are gonna dry ram. What's all men on. Harden is leaning on top of him and all he does go up and harden acts like he's just been shot out of the air and that's rewarded with an offensive foul without that happening at the very least. The game is tied. The other thing that that happened when it came to this. Is that paul george. You.

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