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John Travolta, Greg, Lakeview Terrace discussed on Doug Loves Movies


I play the long con. You guys yeah. Love it. Got So great so? Yes, congratulations! To Greg. Wish inskeep for polling that went out. Appellations Craig Javanese. Thank you. No, thank you right. Yeah, because you still have more itself more Travolta dealing one other one I did do the the classic Rate right down a few that come to mind tactic and you only one left on this little list I made was domestic disturbance where he plays Oh. Yeah, yeah. Is, is that I? Remember remember the he's the bad guy in it, but it's a Kotnik, or is he? like a bad neighborhood forget. There's two kinds of those movies and forget what wasn't that. There was also lakeview terrace. Yeah, the one I'm thinking. But I know that he sort of the antagonists movie, Yeah! I think domestic disturbances one. He was in. I also thought of a Western. He was in a debt i. like a great deal called What's it called now? Now I lost it. in valley violence. Who are. Listed never heard of it. Yeah, it's It's Ethan. Hawke is like the hero and he's got a door. will dog in they just WanNa? Hang out in the West. and. Becomes, a foul of John Travolta's a small wiseass Vol town. I'm talking five buildings. He's the sheriff and. and the dog gets in trouble. It goes from there, but it's really. I, really like a lot. If you WANNA, check that out. Of in a valley violence, but Yacht Greg wishes our official winner today and You know doesn't really win anything but Do? You have you know something you'd like to promote Greg. Sure so I do a podcast called puck soup, which is about hockey and pop culture and we, it comes out every week, and you can find an it, and so we also have a Patriot on which you can find if he just look up pick pitcher on where we do other podcasts including one. That I do with my wife Ruby and our friend Ryan called meas and pod, a top chef podcast that we started the season, because we all love top chef and with no sports. It's the closest thing that we could find. My Wife. Holly I love top chef team Melissa Baby. Man I. We did a draft before the season. I've got Kevin and Gregory. So. See. Having goes when you dorks are sick of the kitchen. Come see me on, MTV. I'm watching the challenge. Man. Beato has always told me to watch that show 'cause I. Like Big Brother, but I just can't. It's feels like this is embarrassing, but it feels like to young. You know like this one flashing lights. That's exactly how it felt rose like going to the roller rink. I'm thirty six, and then my.

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