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Now from the rondo as kgon radio we're talk and slants were talking voting lag dea and you're on the first one to come up with it but just to the require people to live in the district if they're going to vote does it work i dunno will find out pete in carmel valley let's talk good morning and welcome to kogo morning kirk your i would agree with your position here the money coming in were to pay a mini oreal a mater or candida door maybe a local celts right on wherever wherever they're getting ready localized issues but the personal goes to represent art of georgia it also going to be representing up heat i'm going to break it taken that affect the country and so i i can understand why economist empathy million up outrageous but nevertheless that's where it is right now while i understand what you're saying in terms of acting everybody but the the the the key is like taking we have nancy pelosi as she up as we buy supervisor she has a lot us than yard he built in and consequently her main goal is to get money to our district now if i lived in atlanta what why would that mean anything to me well we'll get money will get started on your portion of what they do true of because they they make the figures all look bad healthcare thing that's coming up now right on people are gonna make you think you are awesome and closed doors were were of awfully gonna be stuck with so our take placated important i know that the money be allowed to come from wherever through of fun people who are running and dare dare decisions are gonna have a national consequential i don't necessarily agree but i think you're coming up with a very intelligent argument i appreciate it and they like i mean he is what he's saying does make sense what they would they do in the house of representatives does affect us all but still i i mean the idea of fifty million dollars for a house seat is basically insane as far as the slants in that ruling thomson vacaville tom good morning yeah hierarchy good.

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