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The camera operator and i turn to him and say so where you from and he says well you won't know it it's perry sound on tario and i go bobby oars homeplace and he said how did you know that i grew up loving the bruins and he said i don't believe you so i start listing phyllis zito wayne cashman djilas you'll bear johnny beauce kenny hodge and he's like okay okay oh after that nelson's the camera operator became her secret weapon onset whenever she in the director of disagreed he'd helped bind a compromise but soon milk came up against forces that no amount of bruins knowledge could overcome in two thousand three nell was looking for work when she and her agent talked about potential shows her agent with teller they've already got two women on staff so they won't be looking to hire another at one point nell inquired about writing for the show twenty four in executive told her they wouldn't hire any women nelson says the executive told her the show had had a female writer before and it didn't work out that was quote the explanation unquote nell started asking herself bigger questions what do i stand for do i continue to work in this industry that has huge issues with people of color with women or do i speak out and i chose to speak out in two thousand nine nell roy a story for vanity fair it started like this at this moment there are more female serving on the united states supreme court than there are writing for late show with david letterman the jay leno show and the tonight show with conan o'brien combined out of the fifty or so comedy writers on these programs exactly zero are women it would be funny if it weren't true within six months all three late night shows had hired a female writer nell jokes that she helped bring back tokenism it's like sports gave you the credits to sneak past sort of the guards.

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