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Part of it I think is the fact that it was orchestrated. Syllabi interesting to have them. Then listen to this piano version When they come this weekend They will hear exactly the same music but now in a different instrument and I think it's kind of cool to think that then the whole of the orchestra can be condensed into ten fingers. It is it is remarkable that You know there are so many different approaches to to an individual musical piece like that that you can develop a truly spectacular as I recall it orchestral work from from what started out as a as a piece for solo piano isn't as majority wrote it and Now Walk us through a little bit if you could Karen in just Kind of what the field is going to be like on Saturday and Sunday And and by the way refreshes the concerts are scheduled for I. I know the one on Sundays. Four PM what was the one Saturdays at seven thirty. And we're doing a Saturday night right and evening performance at seven thirty. Okay okay. Four and And so Tell me a little bit about will the James Blair. Photographs is an children's artwork. Both be in both be displayed on the On the stage during the performance of the mosquito no no oh now so so so The concert which is not especially long probably an hour and a half will actually open the piece that will stand on its own without any images And and that's Carl Reiner Kaz Sonata on Dean for for Flute and piano. It's is a piece that actually Jeffrey Kellyn I recorded a few years ago And this is actually to me very much. A A piece that tells a story it's Incredibly colorful it's kind of a Mermaid's tail based on On Dean from Greek mythology so that opens the program. And then we go to the the Charles Kershaw and Fourteen little pieces that I mentioned and those fourteen pieces are matched reached with fourteen photographs by Jim Blair and so that's where that happens and then we'll have intermission and then the entire second half will beep deep pictures at an exhibition and it'll be seeing. Dozens of of image is created by by children from local schools. Okay so no. I'm I'm glad I'm glad we got that straightened out and I just didn't. I wanted the unconfirmed about what's a win. How this unfold? So it's been a little hard to do Pity because as they head. It's kind of okay. Yeah so much going on and there were so many ideas and we really a lot. Lots of lots of moving parts Empty Anderson of you. Have you ever participated in anything like this before where you were helping to put on you know amusing slash artistic extravaganza. Yeah I've done it a bunch of times and you know actually With Karen years ago we did a A midsummer this eve concert of music for Midsummer's Eve by twentieth century composers then with With another author we we put together texts about that night for example and we would read between things and I've done a bunch of Sort of curated concerts of of that sort. The combined texts in music DOWN ON CAPE COD and in Boston and that kind of thing before. I'm really a huge huge music fan and I feel like oftentimes these creators these composers are friends with the authors of their time. And therefore there's all this motion back and forth so you we're talking about their work so it makes sense to kind of pair them into show the comparisons between them and in this case This is the first time I've worked though with Images News and music and it and as Karen said it just it makes so much sense to have these explosions of color that these kids are drawing very very fun paintings they're drawing Full of just sort of imagination and wit and you can tell how hard they're listening to the music So One Funny Story Actually A teacher from Berlin Told me is that You know there's one movement of this thing that depicts an ox cart very slow going through the Polish countryside and apparently a bunch of the kids chose that because they wanted to draw cow. She's like yeah they're from Mont Kids. They cavs so the candy. Handy ox-cart was quite popular. I thought it was going to be. You know the there's one about an old graveyard. What about a castle but apparently the cows were really popular? Well you know it is Barada after exactly and I love that the fact that you know in nineteenth century sort of Saint Petersburg Russian composer closer can still speak to us here in central Vermont and Twenty twenty and you're you're mentioning of composers and and writers talking together picture them back in the day in the salons of Paris or in some you know Vienna cafe or something and and and So that kind of synergy I mean the seed for it I guess is laid there and and and And comes to flower here in Vermont in in a concert that Ma- that mixes music and art and You know couple of hundred years later so why not right. Yeah and a lot of local groups I feel alike are starting to move in this direction. Like having say poems by David. Bud Bill read in between you know musical pieces and I mean he had A. There is an opera that Erik Nielsen Created that was based on his work and that kind of I mean there is this sort of. That's in the air here. I think it's great that is I I think the arts should reinforce each other and then also should be about the. US should draw in the community that they are based in particularly. I think thank kids I got an email on Friday from one of the teachers who has been involved in creating this artwork with with her students and she said we decided this afternoon. We wanted to go back to Creating more art work and listening to music. We've decided that every Friday. We want to listen. Listen to music at draw and I thought wouldn't the world a better place if we all did that on every Friday afternoon. Yeah that's it. That's the new the new rule in every workplace. We'd get two hours off on Friday. We're GONNA draw and listen to music that'll be fun. That's a great idea and I think we're on a something here so you heard it here first today Graham show. WD FM and am and tell us a little bit more about You you have a this concert of coming on the eighteenth and nineteenth and What what else is on the capital city Concerts planner here for the remainder under of this current season. Here Karen I have to do this off the top of my head but in there somewhere end of March seventh We have returning the Perez Piano trio. Which one of the favorite favorite ensembles Of all of our twenty years. It's a it's is a kind of being deal and they are coming really out of friendship just to do a masterclass in a concert just for us. They're playing nowhere else. And there are limited tickets and they've been selling really well so we've been trying to stress to our audience if you hope to come to. That concert will be likely the last time time they come to the states to play Definitely come and do it. These these three guys were faculty at the Paris Conservatory. But they also met met there and they are now in their seventies. They've been playing together since they were teenagers. And I have never ever heard an ensemble that plays so much as this one as the three guys do so so that's coming up in March and then at the end of April we have our twentieth anniversary concerts. the last weekend in April To concerts to different concerts You can check that out at our website and we also are are are returning to actually a David Bud. Bill inspired concert. That's a collaboration. With our friends from scrag mountain music at the end of May but all of that information as well as our our on-line ticket box office can be found at capital city concerts. Dot Org wow and yeah that that website obviously is a key resource for anybody who wants to follow what these musical Events are what musical events are being brought to Vermont by Karen Cabraha in her capital city concerts crew. It's such a great endeavor here is I can't S- can't stop San And now Do you have anything in anything that might involve them more of Mt Anderson Coming next year or too early to say I I think so. Yep Kobina's is actually a member of our board and I've been I've been kind of leaning on him to to be involved for a number of years I am just tobin. I'm so grateful to have you on the board. And I love the way that you inspire and and make ideas sparkle. So we're already scheming for some possibilities for next year. But in the meantime we should just say how how grateful we should. Also it'd be also that the that the kids central Vermont are in fact so creative and everything in these kinds of endeavors. Like I don't know I just think We have great kids I'm not a parent but This area I saw not boasting but we know this area has great children and who are so interested in the arts and in music and I think it's just wonderful our area here you know where the what is it. The the the women are good looking no matter good-looking. The women are strong in in all the children are over. That's that's according to another radio host. Ed Mention any names here but the and I I I just I just we just have a couple of minutes to go here and and I wanted to Ask Karen now. You are You're SORTA dividing your time. Now you've moved. You moved to the far west or something over there in Addison County and And and you are putting on some concerts than Middlebury twos Iradar title rematch area. Yeah occasionally I'm actually staring out the window right now at the adirondacks and it looks like there may be some weather coming way Yeah Yeah I About three years ago Moved from Mont Pilat which I was torn about Montpellier is and always really will be home to me but I have a second home now. I live We're involved with My wonderful husband. We have done some Capital city concerts performances. Here in in Middlebury. We don't have any scheduled for this and it's a possibility we might be looking at again. for next season. But you know sometimes perform our things pop up invited to Ari Wolfe for my jealous perspective. I'm glad and you're still focused on Mafia and putting on your your performances there. Because that's I. I have my own bias here. I've got to confess so there you go. It's hard to walk. Lock to two Middlebury. I've never done it. I suppose it was possible but it would take take some time for sure. Well Hey Karen camera and and Mt Anderson. I WanNa thank the two of you very much for joining me this morning. It's been a fun conversation Break.

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