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To resign amid a sexual harassment uh claims on a controversy but conyers lawyers jess spoke to reporters uh and had this to say first of all it if not up to nancy pelosi nancy pelosi did not elect the congressman is hissy sure is hail won't be the one still the congress in a lee that decision will be completely up to the congressman he's not thought about that he's thinking about his health and that was a lawyer for a michigan congressman john conyers uh he is now any reportedly in the hospital at his home in michigan with stress related conditions uh according to a television station in detroit but there were were there was obviously a a a development in the story today when a democratic leader nancy pelosi a told reporters that the allegation as allegations against congressman conyers uh are serious disappointing and very credible in her words and she said it's very sad uh the brave women who came forward are owed justice and congressman konya should resign uh and that's right i we want to talk more about that and the other big story that we've been following today at the secretary of state word that he may be on his way out a white house spokeswoman sarah sanders saying in an emailed statement that there are no personnel announcements at this time it's sort of a non denial in denial but he is at the white house out louis going to bring in white house tea leader alex wayne in our bloomberg 991 studio to talk a little bit more about this can you bring us an insight there the second part of sanders' statement is kind of interesting where she says that uh tillerson another cabinet officials are helping the president complete a very successful first year and this is here they're they're on first year yeah i got it and secretary tillerson continues to lead the state department and entire cabinet is focused on completing this incredibly successful first year so he's there through the end of the year and then is that what she how you read that endo promises yeah that's that's our that's are sort of i think that's the code there uh but i i you know i would i would want.

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