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At Virginia Beach, Virginia municipal center, eleven deceased victims Virginia police to police chief, James severa says several others were injured, including a police officer, but their conditions aren't yet known. Police say the suspected shooter is also dead. The suspect opened fire this afternoon at a building next door to city hall, it appears the search for a four year old Houston girl who disappeared may fourth is over a body believed to be that of me. Davis was found in Arkansas, Houston. Mayor Sylvester Turner. Sweet Melissa's family has been notified of new developments sleaze began searching in Arkansas, after a community activists told them the man accused of obstructing the girl made a jailhouse confession that he disposed of her body outside. The city of hope President Trump pushing back after Democrats and Republicans blast his plan to impose tariffs on all Mexican imports to force the country to help stop illegal immigration on the one hand. He says there is a. Surge at the southern border that needs to be stopped on the other. He's also talking about the flow of illegal drugs today at the southern border saying that flow needs to be cur tailed, now, the acting head of the department of homeland security is Kevin mcelwain when the administration laid out these new plans last night to reporters. The acting DHS had said there are three ways that Mexico could potentially avoid these tariffs on the one hand, he said Mexico needs to tighten up at southern border needs to work. It targeting criminal organizations and also needs to work with the US on the asylum process. However, the White House has yet to lay out any sort of specifics, any targets and goals any numbers that Mexico might need to reach so that they don't have these tariffs come their way Blake Berman at the White House and terror plan, causing a huge selloff. On Wall Street, the Dow dropping three hundred fifty five points. This is Fox News. From the Florida central credit union home loans traffic.

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