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The consent during the two thousand sixteen election mark zuckerberg is a lot of pressure here lot of pressure seems like precedent to because cambridge analytics not the only one doing this if you're gonna find facebook the maximum at six hundred sixty thousand dollars the question is every time there's a new candy crush that is also taking screen shots at your phone are they going to get six hundred thousand dollar fines as well everybody but zuckerberg has been called out by people on a new level now and they're saying the board might want to remove him how about that you mentioned facebook without that guy i don't think so this story is sad zsa bingo bulldog the win this year it's world's ugliest dog contest just two weeks ago died yesterday inner sleep at the age of nine that is very sad the mother the owner said that i had no health problems but the average age for a bulldog is eight to ten numbers they have some respiratory problems i think that's what my sister has england many english breathing breathing bannon issue since day one i'm just they got this much face and asja also had a rough early life her backstory she was born in a puppy mill and i guess in missouri and she was a rescue dog early going there was some question about whether or not she may have been abused and that puppies watch the whole pageant is that is that the little star wars swimsuit competition no i don't joshua the english bulldog but that's a full life bulldogs so loved so ugly sixty three years but for an average eight to ten year life span and then this mary schmidt wrote a piece yesterday i'm navigating life and etiquette tips after you've just gotten back from vacation i can't imagine sandberg would have any of these do you have any tips after vacation i don't talk about it i agree with number one don't talk about yeah yeah don't don't brag about your how great your vacation oh you mean the friends colleagues also don't tell me about your vacation they will replace the steve how vacation i just had actually an incident last night i stayed downtown the valet parking brought me the long car i mean come on see complaints are okay i think i don't see that money it's the if it were me i'd be like us great it was life changing for valley parking guy brought me the wrong car dave just gotta just got back i'd like to say i don't think i volunteered anything except hey it was a great trip david and and you asked me on the air how it was yeah i don't mind i don't mind what people tell me they had a good time good time it's the details she says resist the urge to go into details and she said also don't be offended where people want to talk about their own vacation instead of yours they might be asking you about yours but they really are using that as an entree to talk about that we did the fun fun segment on download it was just called tell me about your vacation those it and we called it the line and people would get that opportunity to talk about their vacation because no one else went here the best one was someone said they they went to wheel of fortune wheel.

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