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My favorite part. Travis. No one was seriously injured in that incident. Thankfully, my goodness. I mean, that egg didn't hit anybody and it didn't hurt anybody. No one was hurt. And everybody after elder was whisked away. Everyone went back to their homeless encampment at sunset and third there in Venice, where they will sleep on the streets in the rain in the filth. Uh, you know, contracting, you know. All kinds of diseases and using the city streets as the restroom. But thankfully no one was hurt, and that's really really good reporting live from the this third world country called Los Angeles. I'm a useless, ABC seven reporter. Just incredible, Absolutely incredible. CBS in San Francisco, Doug Sovereign. I was up in San Francisco says there's a small band of protesters. This is where Kamala Harris was speaking, Uh, for Gavin Newsom small band of protesters he tweeted across the street. From the Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris Rally and San Leandro, but they're too far away to hear what they're saying. There's crack reporting for you. I'm here from CBS News. Uh, and there are some protesters, but I don't really know what they're saying so they could be shouting. Hooray! Gavin! Or not. Gloria Romero, who has come out in favour of Larry Elder and has endorsed him. Former Democrat Senate leader She tweeted out. California liberals believe they must vote for the rich White Guide to defeat white supremacy. Carla Marinucci of Politico says about the only big name who hasn't done something yet for Gavin Newsom in the final days is Jerry Brown, just saying. Then later on Doug Sovereign CBS News out of San Francisco. Most of the protesters outside the Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom rally turned out to be local Afghan American women angry with the Biden Harris administration over the the collapse in Afghanistan. Signs say California deserves much better than Gavin Newsom. There's another one Gloria Romero racism brought to you by the L A at times and Gavin Newsom. Well, they condemned this racism. Probably not because they saw it. Yeah, just overwhelming that no one is taught that they actually had do headlines that say that Larry Elder's campaign was cut short because it was an angry crowd. As if they're angry at him. And his departure was hastened by an egg Ernest event. No mention Can you imagine? If a white woman Wearing a monkey mask. Showed up in San Leandro. And shouted, You know, mean things at Kamala Harris and threw an egg at her. Would that not be the lead story? Would that not lead the news, especially if there's video of it? And like this woman didn't throw the egg and split. She hung around. To engage with Larry Elder security still wearing the mask. Which, by the way, if you're gonna start throwing punches, I mean, it wasn't one of these. Like, you know, Lone Ranger masks. It was one of those full on Travis. You know the mass that go like all like Halloween rubber mask, the ones that go all the way over the head. Yeah. I feel like my kid owns that mask. Yeah, well, if you're going to start throwing punches, you probably want to take that off. But it's very hard to see peripherally. Uh, I mean, this woman looked somewhat chunky. They all do. But I don't know that she was going to be able to take on the security and she's the one that started throwing punches. Where is that? I got to hear that again. I love when they started saying Hit me again. It was a here It is so here she.

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