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This program is brought to you by podcast one sports they're the premier football family attacking each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind a former first round pick probowler and current head coach at the university of michigan and the patriarch a national champion and renowned coach while they're known for football their legacy is so much more this is attack each day the harbaugh's podcast with gm and jack harbaugh welcome to another episode of attack each day the harbas podcast and this is the post new year's addition this is the first episode of 2018 and we figured go back and take a look at the best episodes of 2017 and this is right after the outback bull so hopefully we are victorious than one or no in 2018 but these these these best of segments are compiled in chronological order from our first episode to to our most recent ones and we we start with adam schefter talking about his honorary captaincy then we go to big cat and pfp from barstools sports socking about awardwinning listeners and how they awarded coach harbaugh the football guy at the year than we've got some stories from joni crane about her dad our our favorite pod father jacquard bogging thrown out of a literally coaching game and having to watch the the outcome of the game in in the out in the outfield bleachers with his parents when they were in town and then joni talks about being hot splicer and helping with the.

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