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Two thousand eleven noon on patriots there you go ride okay so that tells you that this team is good enough to overcome particularly with a worldclass opposition tom brady plane quarterback obviously you would never count him out discount them all those things but it is it problematic in worship absolutely voted derail their an absolutely today of time it has screened out and nobody better to get a trend out in a coaching after they do it all documents could absolutely only thing you're crew yep and we'll see how this plays makes for a very good game and i heard the great style thomas winston when tom brady one is first ring was six years old that blew my mind magic having a six year old kid that through my mind so we'll see a classy generations here before we let you go adam you have i know the pro football hall of fame voter is a very coveted thing do you have one i had one pursue about five or six years said one point dumb i don't vote anymore okay but just knowing what you know the room and the criteria isn't ring this is frank gore a pro football hall of famer i take years to be honest with you i think that what he's done how much he overcome um it it it's remarkable and durban sony good running back she will come at a miami overtime and he and who would have thought that he would be the best of them while forty was i think you're old at he'd over common oldies endured and all the production use had yup to me he's all of area he's also leading rusher and forty nine er history i mean that in itself is a you know it's funny i am 'cause you know here he's beloved but i just wonder around the league because you never want to super bowl they came six yards given the ball down there we would they would on a super bowl but he's in our focus because the for and i was playing the cult's this week and he gave a very very heartfelt conference call with the nine or be guys he didn't wanna get off the phone oil hardness um so i was just wondering from somebody who's outside of our bubble of forty nine or dumb that you would feel that way and and you do so.

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