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My guest complainer today is Camilo Glenn comed- goes an actress singer she's known for her roles and orange is the new black waitress the Broadway musical the very funny YouTube series LIZA on demand with LIZA Koshi and TBS and series. The guest book can make a welcome to the show. So we like to get are complaining juices flowing by asking everybody. What is one thing? You hate that everybody else loves I think I'd have to say scary movies. Uh-huh. Because for whatever reason all my friends are super into that. They always wanna go. See a scary movie or watch a scary movie on? I just hate scary movie. I am the same way. It's just I can't do it. I don't like getting scared for the sake of being scared. Yeah. Just like scary movies or like thrillers? Are you into thrillers? Any any time? Like, you're watching something. And it's like really still, and you don't know. What's happening? It's nighttime. And then they're like cocoa. Someone passes by the shot. I'm like, oh my God. I that jump scares. Yeah. I've always hated scary movies too. I was very scared of the actual music video to thriller. It's like, it's terrifying. Scary. And there was when I was a kid, and my mom thought it was like, oh, he liked turns into a big dog. You'll like it. And it's like, no it's Michael Jackson turning into like a horrifying where wolves like terrifying. It's terrifying. Before he changes, basically didn't like the dance either. I mean, you know, I, I don't mind. Good dance choreographed dances. In the context of the music. Frightening. Yeah. It's just that moment when his like is turned to like, yeah. Yeah. Haunts me. There's also I was just thinking about this too. You know, how some people wear contacts that make their eyes. Look like that. I remember very distinctly when I was a kid. We were at a buffet so already out of my element buffets. Everything could go wrong. And I was looking at this, man. And he had those is and I was too young to know that like their contacts. Yeah. I was like, oh, no something's wrong with him. And I feel bad for him. But also, I'm like scared. It was it was an experience and it was because of Michael Jackson. So that's the connection. I get it. There's a new like horror series on Netflix that everyone's talking about called the haunting hill or something like that or house, and I'm like, it's one of those things everyone's talking about on Twitter, and I should watch it, but even in like safety of my own apartment. I don't gap some people find it like cathartic like it's like you can go get scared by like, you know, ghosts and things and it takes you away from real world. That's like Gary snail least-favoured emotion. Safe wanted houses. Are you if? Yeah, I mean, I like a haunted house, but not the serious ones that are like will torture you sign this waiver. We can do whatever, you know. That's not how you can't get past. The fact that some people will sign a waiver to enter a haunted house. If I if I know that I'm gonna get out alive. I'm usually okay with that's true. I don't know. I guess people are very litigious. So you need to come to your basis. But yet all right. We got that out of the way. So you're from Phoenix. Right. Are you like an Arizona person at heart. Is that like where your where your home still is? Well, it is because I. Definition. But like I like I feel like my entire presence is the antithesis of Arizona like I feel like I need to come with a warning. That's like do not put an era Zona will explode. Well, you know, I I had actually a really nice upbringing where I didn't even know that that AirAsia was kind of more conservative or any of any of that. Like, I grew up with tons of gay friends, like my my high school had like a lot of diversity in it..

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