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Survivor podcast feed. All great deep dives that with the survivor David versus Goliath cast so far already. I'm very excited to bring in today's guest for the first of our series looking. Going back at the story of our four returning players to this point. We're going to have our discussion of one Kelly Wentworth year with a great friend of the podcast. Please welcome in Liana Boris Liana. How are you? I'm great very familiar with underdogs on very honored to be talking about Kelly Wentworth. Yes. Yes. Liana you and I once talked about the whole back story on Sirri going into the survivor game changers. Which was plenty. Good Mo-jo for Serena good enough to get her past the idle get in. But fifth-place was pretty good or six place. Yeah. Much like a sports fan who feels like the things that they do influence their team. That's exactly how I feel about survivor contestants the things that I do somehow influence their position in the game. Even though it's already film. So I'm hoping. With this podcast. We can give Kelly a little bit better Mo-jo to get her all the way to the win. Okay. So how are you doing Liana? I'm great. Watching a lot of television, this per usual in my life. I moved last year. I'm now up in New Haven, Connecticut out of New Orleans, Louisiana, so much colder here. I don't know. If you're familiar with snow. Writes in LA, I understand it's it's warmer there. So yes. So into the winter, but it's my own personal survivor. And I feel like I'm doing. Okay. Okay. All right Liana were here today to talk about the story so far on Kelly went worth through two seasons out on survivor just under five years since we got to I know Kelly, Dale when we're have you always been a fan of Kelly worth. I remember in San Juan del serve really liking her. But over the course of the season, it really became the Natalie Anderson show for me, personally, I think she was someone who from the cast release. Oh, I'm excited Kelley looks. Like she knows the game. She looks like a strong female somebody who I would totally root for and totally be behind. And then she ends up going out in episode five. So she sort of fell by the wayside just because she wasn't in the game for very long, and there were a number of other characters that stood out. Out above her for me personally. But it's nice to go back and rewatch that season sort of knowing where she ends up going this. Tell me about your preparation for this conversation today. Yeah. So what I did in preparation was essentially went and rewatch both San Juan del sur at least up until Kelly's boot. And then all of second chances. So I really just wanted to see. Okay. What is the story that we're being told about Kelly what are her strengths her weaknesses? And how does that impact her game play? And then how she does on the season. So I just sort of went chronologically and have gone through every episode, and yeah, I think that it'll be really fun to go through her history on the survivor. Okay. All right. So I guess let's let's go back to the beginning. In this story of Kelly Woolworth worth as we get ready to talk about her the third time out in season, thirty eight the edge of extinction. And so a we're does the story of Kelly went worth begin. This back when she was young lass. No. So Kelly comes on the season and San Juan del sur. She's there. She's playing with her dad, and that is really sort of the biggest air for her on the season is her connection with her father, which ultimately ends up getting her voted out. She actually is doesn't really show up on the season much. She has six total confessionals. So that's a little bit more than one per episode. And I think she was like second to last in total number of confessionals. So really, she honestly doesn't really show up much on this season..

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