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Had our poll holders big poll on Friday. And this is the direct result that I am not gonna say I feared But I did not want and Green Bay's lack of defense just did them in that they could not get off the field time ready. Who played a good game. He also threw three picks in the second half. I've seen him play much better. But on third down Especially early in the game, and on that opening drive. I mean, they were positively surgical. The way they kind of carved him up What they wind up nine of 14 on third and obviously one for one, the big Ford down right before half and They had a couple of guys they were picking on. They were picking on Shane and Sullivan, the slot corner they were picking on And I get it. He's a better player than he showed Kevin King. I think he got Mike Patton really, I get I expect him to be fired by the Green Bay Packers sometime in the coming weeks. He's been a reckless coordinator. Throughout his career, he would became a head coach briefly in Cleveland. Kyle was on that staff is the O. C. And so he knows him and the 49 destructive twice last year, he tightened up better this year a little bit. But to leave Kevin King out there and one whole cover one at the end of the half was just ridiculous. And I would blame the floor not so much. I don't agree with all that. Think that it's the obvious talking points that people start on Twitter that just becomes a firestorm about kicking that field goal. I They didn't do well on 1st, 2nd and 3rd down. I wasn't gonna go forward on fourth down either. I would not have gone for two friar. The play that same brown got let get into his chest plate and dropped. I think that was the point you were chasing there. But the floors major problem was not giving help to Rick Wagoner it at right tackle and They just got overwhelmed, but they charge did not have a great game. Losing David Bachtiar e we thought would cost Green Bay a lot. If you didn't seem to be the way they were playing the way they were running the ball. They did not run the ball as effectively in this game. Losing Aaron Jones in the game didn't help as well. Not just about losing Bachtiar. He set off a chain of dominoes to fall Billy Turner to go from right tackle a left tackle and Rick Wagoner is destroying Tak er throughout his career in Baltimore. Detroit winds up starting at right tackle when he got to be used. And Aaron Rodgers and a little bit of that look in his eye that we saw. In the 40 Niners beat of the championship game last year and then likewise, you know that game and we 12 on the Sunday night or where they couldn't block him and I think that was the story is Tampa's defensive line is really good Vida via coming back, made it really hard to run on them. We mentioned the Jones Injury and it just is what it is. I think there was a point there were Green Bay could slip back into the game, but Ultimately, it was not made. It was not going to turn out and I think on this one Sunday, Tampa was the better team. Green Bay got back into the game, but Tampa was the better team. The other game. Where do I go down there? Better Kansas City's better. Another dollar. I thought Jeremy Pringle and we'll ask Mikey Rulebooks attend 50. I thought that was a block either going back towards his own line of scrimmage own goal, I should say or parallel, there was line of scrimmage. On the end around to me, Cole Hardman, which was a big play, and then the Avalanche started. Josh did not play well. He's not played well throughout the playoffs. He had moments where he made big time throws, but Josh Allen, this is this is new for him. It's his third year, the NFL He had to go to a community college. Nobody wound one of them. You want up going toe? I am my own man. He did not go to a big time program. His time will come. But it's not just not yet. But you got to figure out a way you know to deal with them. They're just They're just obviously, as you say there right now that the best team in football, there's no doubt and I do it expect them to beat. Tampa Bay in the Super Bowl. I don't even think the one year where having home field advantage will be mitigated. They're gonna love 22,000 fans. And for the Super Bowl and 7500 will be scattered around the country is first responders and frontline health workers. But We'll see. I mean, I thought Green Bay would be Champa John, but I think Kansas City is by far the best team in football, and I think you know buffalo you could get on McDermott for the field goals. I don't question that either any of the kicks that were made Understand score in time, but you gotta look at your team here. And I'm sure the floor just was not confident. He gonna play call on fourth down to school, and I agree with him and we gotta score the two point conversion against this team. Look at what we did in the first three downs. We're just not there, and likewise, you know, the OC Brian table The head coach. McDermott makes the call there, and I agree with all that, but I think ultimately without question, Kansas City was the best team yesterday and Tampa Bay had just enough Green Bay. What do they play like A C plus game for them. They were not sharp yesterday, either. No doubt about it. Text line is open. If you don't talk about championship Sunday, four and 5 to +856 to +74 and five anyway. Can be are obviously the Green Bay As you said, it's the field goal with 205 left. Also with 2 15 left, some people thought Aaron Rodgers could have run the ball and I'm looking at the pictures right now. I don't think so. Third down, finding Pierre Paul catches and I think there's a couple of guys in the end zone that probably catch him. This is a 37 year old guy, and as athletic as he still can be I don't think he's running 12 yards before he gets caught. But again, that's all these things become open for debate Leflore saying after the game, what you said, having three shots and coming away with no yards and knowing you only need the touchdown but two point conversion. Any time. Something doesn't work out. Do your J..

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