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Advice even though they were they're trying to do their best of teaching me at where where they they have gone wrong so I wouldn't take that same route like it was something that I still not necessarily wrong but in the fact of maybe president too fast too early got some chins fires your time together but it was still ongoing learning process and added worked for the biggest trainers but I feel like I have researched and and developed developed my my knowledge around people that have been in a long time yeah you know when when I started training it was a different game. I'm twice as old as you and I just <hes> was very fortunate to have trainers that were willing to take me under their wing or answer any questions I might had an and I asked a lot of question and I learned a lot of things and it's not like that as much anymore but I think for the most part trainers like to share with the young trainers coming up their their insights on things and and I think you'll learn every day and even you talk active trainers like Richard Mandela. He's always talking about you know. I learned this about this horse. I learned that in in you know he's in the hall of fame and he's learning everyday too so it's a game where <hes> you know the horses. <hes> speak to you but you gotTa uh learn the language and I think a lot of trainers <hes> we'll we'll help you so I I would recommend keep asking those questions because even if they shoot you down <hes> there's going to be plenty of them that answer you and it can really make a big difference in your life. Yeah and that's and that's one thing that I take into consideration is just the more you ask them where you're GONNA learn. It's not the fact of Oh what if I didn't do this or mentioned find out out and at and also an even I've gotten really good information from my ferrier my bed just from their experiences and and other people that have been in the industry like I have a philly billy that has yet to run and <hes> the breeze rider. He says men she looks back. Turn a foot. You can try on the terrorist why come to find out <hes> when when one of the guys here courageous cats are known for their turf forces. Maybe try for some chairs and it's just coincidence that the writer told me I'm GonNa Change US she. She has the turf stride. I was initially thinking Oh trier short. I'm dirt but I took take that into consideration in now trying on the Turkey. I doubt Yeah it's it's trial and error and we've had several trainers. Tell us that on this program you get a sense. I guess in correct me if I'm wrong Orlando but you get a sense of what is going to fit each horse best but but then you still don't know until they actually do it right exactly yeah. No the only thing you don't know is is the heart of worth has antenna intended races. That's when you'll find al bring so he has I feel so you can't train his heart. Yeah and you know you talk about breeding horses when you were in Florida and breaking horses the babies at Christie's new castle farm. You're only thirty years old so I'm kind of curious when you were very young as a kid growing up in that Miami area was this all you ever wanted to do or some where there's some other things that certain points you said well. Maybe I can make a go at this or that hat or whatever it might be yeah <hes> like I said my dad has always been into this so it has caught my attention but <hes> but before that I was actually a completely different field work I was I was a commercial fisherman. I was a had like forrest Gump bubble gum shrimp and I had a fleet of votes and one thing to another and it was going good and <hes> and we ended up going route and I have the business for about four years ended upsetting out and then got back into the worst 'cause I had my baby. Coming up has a two year old so and that's where I get my energy and and still today's you just gotTa keep fishing in whatever.

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