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City system has what they need to do from the standpoint before we take him in and then not to mention the see our bandwidth so to speak within our own on one channel of the systems that we haven't placed in technology could we take in all the city system as well so you know we don't want to say hey we're gonna join take over all the city stuff and we don't have the capacity to handle it so i think that's what we're kind of looking into the white paper on that and houses up looking at the county system to see where's where's any updates needed from a technology perspective as well as the capacity to be able to go in and possibly join in with the city or a norwood rambling village or to wonder not one once before we get to that how would the council america i'm sorry commissioner chris talking about the nine one one system and whether or not cincinnati should just be absorbed by hamlin county because that works very very well when the platinum standards and cincinnati is having a lot of problems in that regard though too when you you look at the big picture this thing what about the city and the county because i'd imagine county dispatcher they may not know the nuances of the city and let's face it i think the city gets much different calls generally speaking than you would in the county i would i'd be curious to see about that i think one thing no matter how we set this up training is paramount making sure that the nine one one operators understand protocols understand the differences because right now and the county of differences between the blue and according township and so you know the city probably has their own nuances as you said i think that can be handled through the technology of the system as well as the training that's put in place puertas nine one one operators out so that there is no issue of dropping 'cause we do back up the city and we do take calls from the city if they're busy does bounce out to the county in order to handle this one call yeah one and it goes down we're in a lot of we've got big problems.

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