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With the nine o'clock of ice on top of it could then shoot out and really short periods into the north atlantic thereby cooling the north atlantic messing up the atlantic conveyor about and they think as been responsible for a couple of the rapid climate oscillations that they've seen in those regions that they didn't really have any good explanation for so sixty seventy thousand years ago particularly cold part of the last glacial period. Large parts of northern europe north america were covered by ice sheets. European icesheet spanned the distance of more than five thousand klom from ireland and scotland via scandinavia. The eastern rim of the car sea which. I don't really know where that is. Our north america. Large parts of what is now known as nada. I know if i'm reading right. Where buried under two large ice sheets greenland and parts of the bank she coastline. We're also glaciated. It was just a big old iceberg up top. But yeah there was. There was two different periods though once about seventy sixty thousand years ago one hundred thirty two hundred and fifty thousand years ago both periods freshwater cumulated under the eye so much that Completely fresh water arctic ocean or thousands.

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