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China is coming over the mound at this poor neuron has come over the oh it's already like early 90s when these guys came on scene oh yes or no wow yeah so totally kept on for welker okay totally invited me and i enthusiastically said yes so enthusiastically though even convinced their wives to come because my wife was a huge blackboard jungle finn and and the swag lied on you really fit you really found a lotta in alliance what he thinks that's amazing what it takes by poor junk i've never even heard of this but he and his wife grew up in southern california are kind of big in the in the area kind of my wife her i think i asked her who are favorite music artists were when we met in she said um frank sinatra all york and aretha franklin she she was like well if if trish is gone i guess i'll go to show this capital there's there's investment here there's there's the wives of committed relationship cap it all you have to get a babysitter a lot of things are happening and i think about four pm are babysitter texted us and said that she had got into a car accident and that her whoever whoever was in the car with her broke her leg in that they were in the emergency room and they weren't gonna be able to make it so we started frantically going through the rolodex babysitters nobody could do it and i had to flake on the show and can i could make it and i feel i feel terrible about that i don't wanna go with your wife mike we ad nauseam time great we really had fun but okay i would i hadn't thought of that because i don't have any like real lingering resentment over it but i definitely judged you yeah or we judge you for not i understood why the two of you couldn't come anymore but like your wife wanted to go but obviously this is like you're saying you're swinging.

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