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Joining me now first class. Father Gunnar Hansen in welcome to first-class fatherhood. Hey thanks for having me on. Let's start here. How many the haven't how old are they? I have four kids. I have a daughter. That's thirteen another daughter. That's ten a son that's seven and another son that's five. Yeah you're right there with me. What what type of sports or activities into we we the You know we and and kind of in opposition to the push of today's culture we try not to To like burden the schedule with a you know you know thinking that all of our kids are going to other pro- professional athletics. And so we kind of. I think we've you sports parts and stuff more as hobbies so we have You know my daughters. My oldest daughter's gone in and out of horseback riding and now she's kind of in between in and not not doing that so much. I have another daughter that her she likes kind of Danson one day a week and then my my my oldest son. He likes likes doing how he plays hockey so he plays hockey on Tuesday nights. And and then both of the boys do a very non-competitive Kinda like once a week doc. Soccer at their school sort of thing. So okay yeah very cool donor. If you could just take a minute here please hit my listeners with a little bit about your background and what you do well I After High School I enlisted in the Navy while at high school I graduated high school in Nineteen ninety-three went to boot camp you interviewed Chris Gomez S. O.. CRISCO medicine I were were really much peers. We went through buds together We served in the beginning and then for La from my last tour in the Navy we served as instructors together so I did. Twelve twelve years in the navy All as as a navy seal obviously I was seeing three and then ended as a first phase instructor and then I separated from the service and what was it two thousand five and from two thousand five till present time. I've been a senior pastor at a church in San Diego California. Yeah that's incredible ride. They're going there. And how old were you about when you first became a dad and had it becoming a father trying to change your perspective on like Well I would. Let's see here so so my my.

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