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First staff followed an eighteen point lead martin dope it for three three live mark hit going into this one to partner with fourteen points in four three quarters while they're leach thirty nine nike forty i chippy forty nights really put in his two on the board of producer that was a three and he is forty has confirmed that cane inside the ar look in a pass out of it cain mrs with who are the shot clock and a whistle called on the list welfare tacit a we talked wet appropriate help sean mcdermott appropriate off studied got back to his guy that let me like gain a little bit on an island there tough worcester those he tried to grab the rebound just got caught leading struse on the wrist paul hotel one one here with forty four point nine the play in the first that through spent zinni looks up the free throw is miss badly snatches down the rebound thirty six seconds left in the first staff butler thirty nine the fini butler forty two hauled ninety marty liens into the three and he has three shots at the line as he was fouled by mccallum almost made the shock of the human slated to them i'm not sure he got thumb when he got him off the ground a little bit in with with what kalemba mccallum got a little bit of a basketball wasn't a ton of bodyguards experts said this is martin's freethrow is still have to board twenty eight point six laughed another suited fusion around substitution cheer for the gold alive seat this should david looks like he came here should who's usually related attitude right after the first free throw there was three though so he has to wait 'til after this except to go hack at mcdermott will come out for the bulldogs smart and they've still it's still show thirty nine on the board aged saw the coaching staff a partner over goal chocolates and placards officially make sure they can review that now they change on the board right now harden or his third is good appeal in may two of three at the line edel run for the butler bulldogs were last few minutes in a timeout is called by father it's the use it or lose a timeout.

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