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Ten minutes long but as a masterpiece of music and that's the thing it can't just be the same thing over and over again for ten minutes like you gotta make it dynamic. It has to be like weather report suite by the grateful dead or terrapin station. I mean that song takes you on a journey. Absolately and i feel like they lost sight of that. Now they're just trying to make overly complicated overly long music. yeah and what. The latest album really showed me how their guitar player really is. I mean he is by far the weakest member of their bed for the bass player and drummer. They would be completely on remarkable right but the bass player and drummer are really good. And they hearing them and it's it's working. It's the pace but the busy all the songs need to be like half as long at least ten minutes and seventeen minutes. That's a big difference. That's true. But i mean the favorite of their long songs of mine would be ten thousand days and it just has this slow build up of tension until it explodes into it and then this gradual release. It's really really well done. You could tell. They spent a lot of time carefully. Crafting it you don't get sits on any of their new songs even though it took just as long for them to sit in studio right that it's kind of strange that they waited until this album to come on spotify like it was some kind of always making. The argument of our albums are meant to be listened to as a whole. You can't just listen to this on but you putting your songs on radio really. Entire albums are hole. So why were they not on spotify. I feel like that happens. A law with artists like they get really really popular like their music great and then finally they get really popular and they get rich and famous or whatever and then they're like we don't have to try as hard like we're tool people listen to us people by our albums like back in the day they had to like really try and create these masterpieces to make a name for themselves into really prove themselves. Now they're they've proven themselves and and the rich that's it yeah distressing. I saw tool in connecticut. And i read some reviews about it there before i went to see them. This was shortly after their new album and everyone was like no. It's not a greatest. Hits tour their touring on their new album. It's a new album tour. But when i actually got there and listen to the maybe four songs off. Their new album were being played. It was one hundred percent a greatest hits tour but all of these news outlets who had reviewed it were completely delusional about what they're witnessing like. I remember the latter alice tour and the ten thousand days where they did play every song from the album. Except for ticks and leeches. From what are you gonna get that with this new album in it. It was very clear that this was the. Hey you wanna relive those moments from two thousand five guys yeah. Mp and it worked but their new album definitely wouldn't recommend it. But you can argue with me about that. The meantime because i know tool fans check them out on cyclope dramatic why. I don't like tool pants because it's accurate. You can argue about it over on our chat server chat. Free talk live dot com. This message is for you. If you are poly-amorous person or you're an open relationship and you are struggling with jealousy loneliness and communication problems. Hello my name. Is jeremy west. And i am a polymer coach with degrees in psychology and communications and five years of experience with poly-amorous and for a limited time. I'm teaching a free online class. Just for poly-amorous people or people in open relationships where you will discover a new simpler and unique way to uncover the secret that experienced polly people know about jealousy that you must know to stop feeling lonely when your partner is out with another partner and use the four key elements that will change the way you communicate forever. No more crying yourself to sleep when you're loan for night a weekend or longer and wondering if it's better to go back to a monogamous relationship sound good. Well then go to jeremy west dot net slash free class and register for my class now again. That's jeremy west dot net slash free class. Jeremy west dot net slash free class..

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