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Back. Show along with Johnny be good dean. John is also the the same intro for. I think it was fun fun fun fun fun, fun a rollover. They Tobin beta, but but Chuck Mary did roll over NATO. And and this John. Each boys. Cowboys copied, and I think they wound up paying check berry some amount of money. That's the the first really cool guitar lick. I learned it was the first one I ever heard that was playing I learned outer limits, and then I learned. Here's a good one. We should play. How easy is that to play? I mean my goodness. That's if you're gonna learn guitar learn that one absolutely Johnny dean, you had something on your docket there. I've got more stuff here. This. I don't know how hard hitting this is or substantive. But every once in a while like to throw this stuff in how much money Americans think you need to be considered rich one million dollars. No, no, actually, it's not. Well, that's the headline. But then they say an annual income. So here's what they say annual income of about one hundred thousand dollars. Most Americans say you're going to be rich if you have one hundred thousand dollars if you make a hundred thousand dollars a year. The amount of money that you actually need to have. Let's see if they have that here. Well, here's how they broke it down. This very this is nothing that's going to knock your socks off. But it's just kind of interesting. This is part of the pew analysis. You've heard of them sure, they broke down stink. Exactly. Well, I was thinking just the. The full breakdown of how much money you would have to earn each year to be considered upper class. According to the Pew Research it depended on the size of your household..

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