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Hi i'm lesley bronco founded her neighborhood woodside diner americana is on full display at buck's of woodside i have the greatest job in the world i have the job i wanted when i was a kid i wanted to wander around talk to mazing people and get paid for week get about six hundred people a day food here james mcniven and my wife margaret i found that buck's of woodside twenty seven years ago really i had no concept no vision here we're just sort of american wacky everything here has a story where people come in for the very first time there so often really bothered by the environment and people have been coming in here for decades just feel like they're coming off and since wife and i run the giant wrong for all the time the kids threw up here it's really a family business our food is it's really mainstream americana bigger and polder we like to think we've done a lot of originality pucks we became synonymous with a place where a lot of entrepreneurs meet the money the beer is all about innovation and so people come into a place like this this well it's a lot closer than bernie mac hold meetings and so i think that i'm successful in spite of my whacking stop because of it.

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