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Any close to it at all close to the truth right all of the data that apple is storing up there as it says in that report that this article was talking about is totally encrypted and also broken up into pieces before it is sent to google an amazon apple is keeping those keys on there i cloud servers the ones that you would need to be able to curt decrypt that data in house so there is no way almost no way without the keys that this data could be decrypt will yes they could put their massive computing power against it and try and crack and break in there but even that doesn't make any sense for gugo or amazon or anybody else who's doing business with apple for cloud storage these contracts are massively loop lucrative six hundred million dollar deal i doubt very much that google really wants to take the time and effort and money in also go into it area of they become hackers and it's illegal dna they're not going to do nefarious illegal activities to try and mine your eye cloudy and the whole premise of the whole thing is just completely ridiculous addict hopefully bugged me that this thing was even a stories i wanted to talk about it on here so we could clarify a few things we could talk about the ridiculousness of the entire story and help put your mind at ease that yes apple is storing your club near stuff on amazon and google servers in certain cases not all the time a lot of the stuff is making its way to apples own platforms but it's still safe and secure you're not beano participatory am googles owned business practices are amazon's owned business practices because those two companies do make a lot of money from mining your data and giving you free services stuff like that apple is not doing that they're simply using those servers as a storage location and its kept secure so.

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