America, Manuel Noriega, Sarah discussed on This American Life - #246: My Pen Pal


About how she had been seen him on tv in that hope that our countries could still remain friends is clear and direct should complement of the moment a a and it was so poll well agai read the first letter and i don't remember writing at you know and it's this kind of like almost i feel like it's a a joke coming back to hot me that like a dad's laid out in a way like other though he probably was like oh it be cute if she said this your journal nor america congratulations on the patriotic supporter of your people i hope this letter fine jewelry in your country manuel i am john your old american schoolgirl a study central america it is a special interest to me i have seen you on television often here in the united states your hat was greatly admired year sadly who he can get nothing like it i hope friendship will remain guy said rights of now i really liked your hat inside leave get nothing like it here collide cheese is god as well we just put general manuel noriega panama city panama i mean that's beef this having only one general manuel noriega they're in it got there it was totally amazing because it's probably about a month later that i went out to get the male in there was this letter addressed to sarah in it had this panamanian uh some type of a military flag type thing on it and it was like will get under she drawn out feel so can with todd braces.

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