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Washington times. If the Trump administration had its way Ramon. Revival. Lopez. Oscar Canales's Molina would have been either in detention or deported. Instead they were out on the streets where according to authorities. They and another illegal alien delivered an MS thirteen gang beat down to two high school students in New York. All three of the legal aliens entered the country in two thousand sixteen as unaccompanied alien children. Meaning they cross the border without parents a status that earned them quick release into the country. According to the Washington Times where they were reunited with their family and began to live while awaiting deportations that never came. Katie wallman, a homeland security spokeswoman said, quote, one of the loopholes we are employing congress to close could have prevented this gruesome attack of quota. Mr. Lopez showed up at a California border crossing three months shy eighteenth birthday in December twenty teen during the second major wave of illegal immigration under President Obama. Under the trafficking victims protection reauthorization act, and a Clinton era court settlement the Florida's agreement. Unaccompanied children traveling without parents are required to be processed by immigration. Authorities and quickly released two social workers and from there to sponsors. And they are considered to be unaccompanied, even if they have family in the country, which Lopez did his mother and her partner as well. As her brother lived in New York under the law mister Lopez was quickly sent to live with them while it's immigration case was pending thanks to a massive backlog and the courts his court date is more than two years ago. At some point Lopez became involved with MS thirteen whether that happened before he arrived, whether he recruited in the area. Authorities don't know they say both options are common with a gang. Sometimes he can get members in the country by having them pose as unaccompanied alien children. Well, those already in the US make prime recruits. Ten months after he arrived in the country, by the way, he was questioned and then arrested by ice on suspicion of gang membership after several months and ice custody thirties thirties asked attorneys for him asking the judge to release him on bond when that refused. The lawyers went to federal district court where a judge ordered him released saying he'd been held too long for a minor. Even though he long since turned eighteen he was still protected as an unaccompanied minor because he was three months shy of at age when he was card. One of the other ones. Oscar Molina seventeen was also already released by a federal judge in late thousand seventeen he entered the country by sneaking across the border in July two thousand sixteen the third one sneaked across the border three months later, the immigration courts are so backed up that the next deportation. Hearing like Lopez is until twenty twenty one and the third one doesn't even have a hearing set yet all three are now charged with assault with intent to cause physical harm in ISIS placed a Tena requests on them. Meaning they are slated to be deported. Once.

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