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Some airline passengers in Kalamazoo noticing that TSA agents and airline workers affected by the government shutdown are more optimistic. Yeah. There was definitely some energy there and some good moods. More conversations than officer FA employees, previously furloughed or working without pay are being told we'll get their back pay as early as next week the president threatens to shut down the government again in less than three weeks. If congress does not approve funding for a wall at the border. Congressional Democrats say they will not do that. It's already freezing in the upper midwest and later this week by the time we get into Wednesday morning Minneapolis has a forecast. Low temperature and twenty two below zero Chicago by Wednesday morning looks like a we have a predicted low temperature seventeen below meteorologist Richard bond. Weather prediction service, scattered power outages, leaving some homes without heats notably in Wisconsin, armed and dangerous. Police in Louisiana looking for a twenty one year old man, they say killed both his parents and three other people including his girlfriend centrum perish Cherif. Rob webber? Bobby weapons. This is probably. I would say one of the worst domestic violence incidents. I've seen in quite a while for a young man to walk into a bedroom and kill his mother and his father, please do confirm to KOTA thrill is considered armed and dangerous. Police believe headed east at the Australian Open today a dominant performance by the dominant male tennis player in the world Novak Djokovic demolished Rafy. The Dow hitting thirty four winners and making just nine unforced errors on the way to a straight-sets victory in the final of the Australian Open after the win Djokovic told.

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