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Well is everybody load management half of more on their way to Hawaii was jerks but anyway this is even worse with regard to trying to compare our jobs to the out of miles Gary juries more talented then again you know what I do I hell of a lot better radio show that he could do we've all got our gigs we got our things and each one of them pays a certain number and sometimes for odd reasons hell teachers should get paid so much more than they do in and you know want Steph curry you probably should be paid less and I'm coverage not listening right now they've they've got a game but anyway like we can't compare this unless you have a job that when you get there says okay welcome to work are you ready to go you say yes you there's a great now go running to everybody else here the office go knock him over go physically overwhelm them if that's your job then I would imagine you have a job where there are going to be hurt feelings frustration of physical lashing out all that's gonna happen but nobody else has that job also that job I'm so it is really hard to try to try to piece that together with with this okay we'll give it back to some calls a little bit later on in the hour David Lombardi the athletic covering the forty Niners was right next to George kettle today nobody has a better perspective on the physical readiness or lack thereof.

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