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Green Bay I'll put a loss under schedule before they even went right you don't think that these people know about this and then you like I said about a week ago Eric route just because I love the snow I mean you know what I love the snow but as far as playing football with it the one thing he did say is if it's windy that's when I'm gonna have a problem I don't care about snow about rain he only cares if it's windy so if the wind conditions are down and they got ideal weather with a few snow flurries who cares with as far as he as far as he's concerned as the quarterback of the Packers not bad for California kid I guess he's been up there long enough now though he's very used to it the good news for the bears that Matt Nagy is now eight into as head coach of the bears verses the NFC north the bad news is the two losses are against the Packers that's the only division rival to beat the bears the last year and a half undermanned Nagy here's one other little stat I'll give for everybody if you're thinking about this game Mike and I I don't have too much of a feel one way or another if anything I'd kind of be looking at the points here only because Mitch Stravinsky is now five in straight up and against the number versus the division when the pairs own a winning record so that's pretty good I hate bending unders but again all the trends do point in the direction of an under in this game the unders cash and for the Packers last five games and the under is eight and five and bears games so far this year when it's forty six right it's for no no I'm looking at your one yeah I'm looking at the four and a half white yeah that's yeah you're right I got yet yeah you know what I'd be terrified to take the over yeah I think we even with Rogers quarterback yes you know because you don't know look the one thing I know about the Green Bay Packer bear rivalry is is they don't want to make the first mistake somebody doesn't wanna make the first mistake and you know what there's been some great games the last couple years.

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