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Says points out that the kind of mask you. Buying a drugstore quote is not really effective in keeping out virus which is small enough to pass through the material end quote so his original judgement and the reason he said. Don't wear masks is. That's what the science showed and then somewhere along the line Some scientists suggest this would help and it became this. You know symbol of whether or not you were helping with the virus effort and he got on board And even today we don't have really any good scientific evidence that it really helps especially with an arrow sliced Virus but he kind of went along with that and we can see here as you said that. He was changing his position to make himself look better and try to to to justify some decisions. That really couldn't be justified development on this front. This week has been this this vanity fair story which is a long investigation into the lab hypothesis. And really why it took the government so long to acknowledge it and a few points. I would draw out here. One is it cites. A memo written by a former acting assistant secretary of the state department Who wrote that. His team was warned not to pursue investigation of the origin of covid nineteen. Because it would quote open a can of worms if continued There's also a at some some quotes from matthew pottinger. The former deputy national security adviser who says to interesting things that i that i found interesting at least one of them is that pottenger sort of blames trump for some of this in that trump was publicly saying that he had seen evidence before seen evidence that the virus came out of the lab Before apparently reportedly that evidence was really there and so pottenger says that that seemed to cause a quote antibody response unquote within the government. And then the second thing is he. He says that so many of the experts in this field have ties of some kind to this gain of function research That those conflicts quote play a profound role in muddying the waters in contaminating the shot at having an impartial inquiry unquote so bill. I mean it seems to me that these are questions that maybe we need congress and some sort of investigation to answer because It seems like there are a lot of conflicts and a lot of a lot of reasons. that the everybody was sort of hoping that the lab hypothesis was it what it would turn out to be. Yeah i think in the case of the vanity fair piece you mentioned. I too found that really fascinating. There were not only people hoping that they wouldn't find things but actively trying to shut down the investigation. I mean one of the other stories is that you know a secretary of state. Mike pompeo was pushing this investigation but he was fought by people in his own department about this and they some of them may have just believed. This's this is a cookie theory. There's nothing there but others that line. I think it was in the vanity fair about you. Know if we have investigation could open a can of worms suggested. Some people. don't have good answers for what we might find out. I think this is something for congress to look into the probably wait until they get the the the latest report from joe biden and i would add another thing to To judge the credibility of this new investigation will the biden team include members of the former team. That was investigating. I mean they've done some the legwork already or are they going to keep those people marginalize..

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