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Be in conversation on the book and then everyone who attends i guess they're also getting they're getting a copy the book yeah along i really looking forward to that you know sometimes in front of an audience things had that are in the book but are did is you known as open sometimes in these conversations that can come out and so far and doing this i did one in new york him and some other places it was really a lot of fun doing in will have tickets where that for case here to be a members along with these beautiful box sets to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the last waltz which is the concert film it's a score seizing film on they performance in what year was that for the for the band the concert took place in thanksgiving and this last friday was the exact fortieth anniversary okay there you go and to also have copies of the book itself testimony our guest in studio robbie robertson on casey are w i want to go to music now this is the the title track sort of to go along with the sound track and the book at his testimony maybe set this up for us because i think you record recruiting some special musicians for this performance this was one of the most extraordinary recording experiences i ever had in my life i had just finished i'm doing the music for martin's chris says sees movie the color of money and i have the great gil evidence do some artist ration sfor me on that i mean orchestrated not only one apiece by accident that i've left on the tape that i sent him this is so i had this for tape and the next thing daniel line why was producing my own bum and he said the guy from you two said come on over and we can do some musical experimenting in mess around with some ideas and i didn't really have a.

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