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When you're in a position like you can either go on Rock of Love or just become a fisherman and I think you should always be a fisherman. Yeah, I think if given the opportunity you should like wage if someone approaches you and they're like do you want to be on the show? You should then immediately consider what your nature options are and then seek those out and maybe have like a Reese Witherspoon wild moment. Yeah wage then and then hiked I promise you'll be better for it. Take a walk if you have to decide to go and Rock of Love. I would take a walk and see how you feel when you come back home if you do. So if you sign up to be on Rock of Love and then find yourself the night before packing all your stuff into a storage bin container that you're going to secure with like a bungee cord bird you needed then undo the bungee cord. Take all the stuff out put it back into your closet and then also take a walk and then go on the show not going to take a walk for like seven months off. Take a walk go hike the John Muir Trail. Yeah, and when you come back, I'm promising you will not have the urge to go on Rock of Love. Yeah, so Natasha, it really takes the lead the luggage lead and the Really situation which I was like, you're awesome for this because someone needed to do it and she seems like totally fine with taking control and she's trying to like reorganize so they can fit all the luggage and she's taking step out and she's my president. Yeah concussed. Nikki stumbled down. She goes, where's my Louis Vuitton? Where is it? Don't take my stuff out of the don't put myself on the street. Well Big John's like, you know, this happens all the time on tour like you guys need to really like half a puzzle piece. So he kind of gives them some advice and then Natasha and someone else is like, okay, so they strategize and that's when Nicky comes and she's like lies a minute. She's like what what I know him. To take my Louis Vuitton bag. No, I will take my bag by my bags on the street. This is backed up this box out. Don't you stay away from my bag. Where is Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton.

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