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News time, 6 45. Stay connected. Stay informed. The Northwest on Ly 24 hour News Station Co. Moh news 1000 FM 97 7 Good evening on this Tuesday in Seattle and fancy ice with police Jaffe, our editors Jeremy Greater scan of some of our top stories. At least 20 million people are in the path of Hurricane Laura on track to slam into the Louisiana and Texas ghosts in 24 hours. It's expected to have a storm surge upto 13 FT. Even possible tornadoes. Louisiana's governor says it resembles Hurricane Rita from 2005 Washington State's getting more company and its lawsuit against the feds over Postal service cuts along with Pennsylvania today. New York, Hawaii and New Jersey filed suit toehold disruptions ahead of November's presidential election. A banner calling for justice for Lindsay Bomb is now back in its place after it was taken down by the city. Lindsey disappeared nearly a dozen years ago. Her body was later found, but the killer still hasn't been caught. Ah Park was put up in her memory and McLaren along with the banner, but city crews recently took it down after the mayor said it was against city ordinances. Lindsay's mom, Melissa says that was hurtful. They say that my banners Air force in the community to live in the past, and they scare small Children. But a child murderer is not offensive. And it doesn't scare the Children. No official comment from the mayor yet. Melissa Bomb says detectives are still actively investigating the case, and there might be some good leads. But she's hoping people will take a renewed interest in helping to find out who did it. If you need a new laptop, you've no doubt discovered that many laptop models are in short supply across the country. Como's Connie Thompson with some tips and alternatives, search the Internet for an affordably priced laptop, and you'll quickly see the pattern out of stock sold out unavailable.

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