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Hits instead. Now we were on the france bandwagon gills and they're helped by hungary. Yeah okay there were complacent to start with i. Can i can tell you that for sure. They didn't take these game. I say they should have. They took it for granted The atmosphere i think to them a bit by surprise. It's been a long time since their play. All of them in the food stadium. No it did. The pitch was was really dry watery on purpose to cause they knew that france would have loved. The i'm kidding. Date complacency is their own for didn't take the chances they had. They could easily have been half time. You get you consider go. You get caught because you may too stupid mistakes but my who by the way we didn't. We didn't have to wait from saturday. To know he was not very good player and van which is more surprising and maybe more worrying But at least you didn't lose you come back in the game. There's no need to panic positive. You can still top group b. portugal. Yeah it's not as negative as may be just looking at the scoreline would let you to think veron did seem to react very very slowly on and i was just kinda i mean we can use some love to hungry as well feel right fuel. It looks like look just like some like some random dude but the guys. That's one good in these old international career before against on dora and now he's scored against the world champions staying the legend of hungary and food boys. I mean even if you haven't seen the highlight the way. He reds overall my poor woman even looking in his direction. I what i think delegator some tournament official much announce maybe the without thought. That was pretty funny telling you make your three winds off. Three god and roberto mancini made eight changes to a starting eleven when they'd be looking really good so far although some would say that the yet to be properly tested as i said it's a classic you can only beat. What's in front of you. So we know that against teams that go and parks a bus or like wales decide to play without a striker at all You know they have a lot of the ball. They will create chances. They were helped by wales going down to ten men. It's almost always a different team. Because he made eight changes. What's encouraging you to think the guys came in play the way. The regulars do exact. It was nice to see variety out there. He was good and any idea but in the end of the armband at the end. Yeah after bodo. Chew off i think the main decisions that you know the things that my jeans to think about now is. Do i want you back in the starting eleven and if so in place of who. I think there's a chance to be. We'll start the next game ahead of killing killing. He's not one hundred percent. Which expose make sense and i think there is a bit of a case conundrum. He played one is ups and downs but he brings you so much energy but beyond that good. I'm also getting the job done so happy to it was everybody is us. Twenty five twenty. Six players came on. Chris dante game on that was one of the nice touch who came on he sends on. Cu he would've said on the third goal can to a wasn't allowed to reinforce team concept so really you who they get next now. Speaking of wales they advance in the knockout round in second place quite a result. Jewels given what we know. They sa- grow even. I think that obviously was very happy. And you can imagine the children as well because again for such a small country to be able to defy the odds anywhere because we are not really convinced they would go through but turkey were poor and they took advantage and them with a brilliant performance against switzerland by being efficient and resilience. Italy were too good for them. Even the team and that there's no problem they are to avoid being spent because that could have could have moved to third and yet on goal difference the second qualifying you and even the last sixteen round. Luke's quote opening we'll be finland russia. Probably so you can eat much then can even probably reached a quarter-final which again will be some session for this generation and especially the young players coming through because agree experience for them. Of course. I quite the blueprints not gonna sued anybody. Just kind of defend peace keeps your more bail. Wait for him to do something about it. Yeah exactly kyrie strikes twice. Switzerland beat turkey. Three one gab. They likely make it through with a their goal different situation. That'll be good. Nicest shusha kyrie get excited. You will just devastate. You like stop. Criticizing me but you're not going to school again for two years so we're right to great goal by turkey in that one by the way now switzerland and i think they can be uncomfortable to play against depending on the opposition now. Spain failed to win as jerem marino misses a penalty and they're held one one by poland. Jaws i'm still on the lucho bandwagon. Yeah i mean. I am i want to be. We all like lou the story. He's dress sense anything you want. The prime is there's a point where icon finding excuses anymore. You know we said pleasure are marino no like this. Don't get him stuck onto the touchline on the right wing. that's no way. Does he think he was too slow. At times to flats. I patriot created a chances more so they have the expected goals for what i mean. I think he's six. Six expertise goes off five point nine three and it's called once and that was actually going from murata who was on side but just about and it was not even a move that you prepared and work with movement busing etc. So come on. I need to show a small small. I think can also click together. All of a sudden. I don't i worry when teams don't create chances. They create chances. I don't believe in the curse of mata. I was happy to do that. I saw him like react to the modano penalty. The postal. my goodness. What's this but whatever. Wroblewski guests on the scoresheet gap for poland. And they're still alive. Do you think they're gonna make you through the play sweden on tuesday. I mean they basically need to win this game. And i think it's a tough ask because sweden show that they can defend Very very stoutly and have isaq. Who i think spent on task been able. We're realizing that dossier perspective is that you know. He's completely different game to play when you're off on your own upfront. No matter gazillion ski and whoever else is behind you is going to be far further back. It's not like buying you got fifty people around you. He's fine gael justice playing against appointment. Yeah exactly. I mean that was much better than new french. Does england drew with scotland on friday night. Now that means share the spoils against the checks on tuesday. We'll see them through. But maybe you're still down on gareth southgate. There's a few things on friday night. I think he got wrong. You know that's his opinion. Why song show don't know why taking of gain even less foden problem with him taking off. Cain hundred percent mccain wasn't good cain he's the with. He's their best player to. If i tell you that you will have one chance in anti second-minute this is this. I see the future gap. You would have one chance. England will have one chance here. Who do you want it to fall to. I agree with you. Look at the end. If the change is gonna come you want. Somebody came air in the mixer. Or whatever you know better suited to that situation Than anybody else and the weird thing now is chose think draw. Was the checks. Get to play at wembley anymore. They have to go to copenhagen. I think so too. You know. I just don't sixty football please. You've got the players for sixty football me. Show us you know. Stop with the to double p. Vote and the defensive midfielders and these and come on. Gareth played play with flair player. But with flo giving sexy football come on harry. Maguire wins he prob- pass that helps. Should i got on. Scotland's and croatia drew czech republic on friday which means that basically the game on tuesday night is a knockout game. What the last thirty two then before the last sixteen. Yeah and it's it's a big blow for scotland as we just learned this monday morning. Billy gilmour has tested positive for kobe to self isolate. It's weird. I've actually seen croatia playing person twice in this tournament. And everyone so. I think i am their bide long checks. I think right. you have to be favored. But there's still this negative vibe around the team whereas scotland at home. Even with billy gilmour. I don't know. I think anything can happen in this and i might slightly lean scotland's takeoff confidence from that draw our mba on fire. Because they were really yeah no they they they definitely were now draws. The dutch were the first team to qualify as group winners. Have we been too harsh on frank deboer and his back three best managing the world. No no no no not yet. i mean. This is even a debate back home in in the netherlands in holland. The talking about this. They say it's not. It's not real football to play with the three. That's not in the dna. This is not a football. This is not what they do.

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