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Dude man gas station, trucks dot regardless man. I'm picky about where I take a dump I'm gonna use my RV can because that's what it's four. That's why bought that RV. So I ain't gotta do. Nothing. I go to the gas pump put gas Rb Duma business. Eat my own food, cook almo- meals, Drake. My own beer, make moan protein, shake pull up my barbecue. Pit thing. Put mistake on air. And I ain't got a mess with nobody doing nothing, but my own thing. So yeah, I take it up in my RV. And when I get to the campground I got my hose out now on his new larvae. I got an untold y'all. I just same little bitty ass sewer hose told gel about six months ago on our maiden voyage coming back, and it was colder hill, and I had a stretch at thing out by hand and hold it down in a hole because it's not dang short. Anyway, do that's what you get RV for going down the road. Here we go. Hey, steve. Love the podcast own your DVD. You mentioned the WWF since you possible names to us when you wanted to stop being ringmaster. I believe the names now there was a bunch of them. But three that you mentioned were auto von rootless FANG MC frost and ice dagger events would have insisted you use one of them which one of you have chosen. I think auto von rootless would have been cool like to hear your thoughts. Jeff from Canada. Hey Jeff over in Canada. Man. I'll tell you. What man I'm thinking about merchandise auto von ruthless FANG mcph rouse, ice Bagger. Those are also got dang bogus. I don't know. What I think I probably would have just no, you know, what FANG MC frost is just so corny. And that's when I was about to pick and ice dagger. I mean, there's almost as nothing behind that one. Either Otto von rootless cana- reminds me of a little bit almost baron von Raschke ish. But maybe you're right. I was leading toward FANG MC frost. You might have just talked me into autobahn ruthless. Just like Dutchman. Until talk me into Steve Austin when I could not be Steve Williams back in my Memphis, Tennessee debut. Later to become stunning. Steve Austin Jeff from Canada. Autobahn rootless would be the name. Hey, Steve of all the is you film, which one did you enjoy doing the most key? I think the one I enjoyed doing. The most is probably the condemned. I enjoyed that. It was you know, kind of an ensemble typecast. We had a bigger budget. We had more time to to rehearse things and production value was a little bit higher. The combinations were top notch. You know, we shot that movie. I think about a twenty million dollar budget on that thing. So that was that was one of my favorite ones. I think it was my first movie actually other than the longest yard, which was a Sandler movie and always enjoyed any movie. I did with Santa but other than that. I think hunt to kill would a been my next favorite movie. And I know that the next move that I that I decided to sign up for and I've been turning down a lot of things lately. Because I just don't want to do what I. I don't want to do and will not do what I don't want to do. It's going to be straight up. Almost a stone cold Steve Austin type movie slash roll angle. Be anybody else other than what I am. I'm not Daniel Day-Lewis. It's taken me several years to realize that well, I realize that a long time ago, but it's also taken countless emails that I get into questions Steve Austin, show dot.

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