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Townhall, and Katie Pavlovich. The blame game colon. They love their Cohen's Clapper Brennan and Komi start turning on each other as bar turns up the heat, and boy, today's audio is turning up the heat more than anything. We've seen by a long shot by one heck of a long shot. Now that the two year long special counsel investigation into the two thousand sixteen election is over attorney general, Bill bar has serious questions about how the investigation got started in the first place and whether spying on the Trump campaign was illegally conducted by the CIA the deny and the FBI. I think that we've got some pretty good indicators at this point. They are freaking this is the Chris Plante show. Free people accused of strangling to death the pregnant woman appear in court today news is next. I would check the Weather Channel forecast scattered thunderstorms, gusty winds small hail possible. Temperatures in the mid fifty sixty perhaps to our south sixty percent chance of rain today tonight, scattered thunderstorms early, then cloudy skies after midnight, low forty six tomorrow, cloudy stray shower thunderstorm possible, high near eighty one then Sunday, we're going to see highs in the low seventies with the potential for severe storms right now we've got fifty one degrees under cloudy skies at O'Hare. It's forty eight downtown along the lakefront hour is sponsored in part by expresspros dot com. If your summer plans included new job, it's time to get to know express employment professionals connect on the express jobs app, or on expresspros dot com within half a million.

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