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She works on TV show modern family and love every second of it. She's not doing health coaching. I'm not a skier. But my partners are and so they have a pool at the hotel gym apparently ski like one or two days. I try to get a comfort zone thing for me because I don't love like heights or being cold. So both of those things I'm on the bunny slope like over and over and over and over like all day. I'm like, oh, I mastered. It like five days later. Yeah. Me too. I think actual in the in the kids are going to, you know, pass me on the bunny slopes here within two seasons to on my on my list of new challenges down the road is to have to learn how to ski now. Yeah, for sure and I try to that it's an ongoing that is an ongoing battle for me. Have you ever done swim run? I've never done swim run really really interested in taking that on sometime soon looks really really cool, but like a blast friends have been doing it. And I interviewed the founder of the swim run that started Oto. He's one of my on casts casts. And it was a great episode. But that's on my bucket list. My friends told me about the water and how choppy it is. And how the conditions are. So it's like there's no kayaks every five feet, you know, in the water. So that might be like next level for me. Plus, you're tethered to someone just kind of wrapped up. Zayn on our I swim run suit. So definitely I really enjoyed that process and going through working with the fleet's and figuring out what the different challenges were where we could innovate now that, you know, again, just awesome process to go through that always inspiring to see these guys out just inventing new ways to just suffer. Next for Roka in. We're really focused on putting all the different. I were product about also the market this. You're just has some incredible athletes in lots and lots of new sports. I think you know, we're we're really looking forward to you know, the cycling season this year. We got some incredible runners representing rogue out there. We have people in motor sport and off road and just an incredible people who really fit that challenge seeker challenge seeker mindset that we're letting for you know, out there inspiring the product team and looking for the tone stories and design new product, I'm really excited. Goggles and also sunglasses..

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