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Broadcasting use radio 6 10 W Y. O D and I are radio station from ABC News. I'm Richard Can't Sue. It's now 2021 over the Eastern half of the nation is New York City prepared to drop the ball for 2021, the normally packed Times Square was largely empty because of the pandemic. You just can't keep some people home on New Year's Eve in New York City, even near Times Square. People are still taking a stroll in this Kind of cold weather here. The wind is whipping up a little bit about a block and a half away. Normally, you would hear a lot of music and you would hear the crowd and performance is going on. But there's none of that. The only partying we saw was a guy walking by with a boom box and a couple just strolling down the street started dancing to it. Chuck's Iverson, ABC News Times Square, New York charges spending and southeast Wisconsin in an apparent case of vaccine sabotage. Wisconsin Ah fire pharmacist arrested after police say he admitted to intentionally removing 570 vaccine doses from the freezer, then putting them back in hours later, but it was too late for 57 people who already got those doses now possibly ineffective. ABC, Selwyn Lopez. Florida health officials reported. Twentysomething man there with no recent travel history appears to have more contagious covert mutation cases previously uncovered in Colorado and California. ABC is Alex Stone in Los Angeles, says the nation's most popular state here, the symbolic number in the pandemic. It's a milestone that seemed unimaginable. A few months ago over 25,000 people have died here in California from Cove in 19, now the death rate rising rapidly yesterday, a record 432 reported dead in California in one day. A today 428 more California's a third state to top 25,000 deaths. New York and Texas have had more deaths from Cove in 19 like Stone, ABC News, LOS Angeles You're listening to ABC News. The I. R From the W Y o d 24 hour traffic.

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