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It's one eight hundred five two i wanted to seven to the ryan's roses we had yesterday she adena thought she saw her husband on the freeway wait in traffic when he supposed to be babysitting their kid with another woman now this is the opposite this is heather heather in los angeles good morning good morning to you your husband thought he saw you a car with another man recently yeah uh that were you he told me and they're pike at what i wanted to refer back yesterday uh i wasn't me and i'm not kidding you have your kid so i'm out home on it you know i'm lacking the kid and all of extending he called me really up that because the poegli's me driving around with someone in the passenger seat and i couldn't believe what i we've carrying and of course i'm not saying that you're not judy i have no idea what historians i'd only got a little bit out there and they turned on the radio but um i know that sometimes mistake happened like that an early there are people around the world that look similar to your pretty you know there are people that like what are north pole adopt will bangor erris yeah there you go thank you know that what they're called so anyway he found these supposedly you saw me around riding with another person and i'm at home taking care of the kid so like i said that can happen now in their third chile can have no idea he was with the babysitter i guess i mean i my head go go dine you know having so many theory though what could have happened and may maybe the babysitter in is not lying you know but baked back to you back to you does your husband now believe you well yeah yeah because i have i have proved you know i was that the kids this i've been some four if you had an alibi so in where did he where did he just give me the geography where do you think he saw you well he thought me passing by there's the pound thunder right where i live so you know there's a lot of people coming in a now and i have a car that by i of the theme as everybody out there you know i have no idea so you saw me.

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