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Welcome back aired in albany oregon hey thanks for watching frizz call sure what's i've been trying per day anyway on introduced myself my name is added hemmingsen i'm in albany oregon i've been a peace activists since nineteen 48 literally i won't worked on the henry wallace campaign well in my theory about donald trump is that he he's he's the course the wild card he's not fully in control or or are being controlled by this proud powersthatbe the putting the money holders and i think they did the war industry the war industry is the biggest to fraud in the biggest money maker that the capitalist system how's it going and thereafter taste bettiah donald trump uh carries through with his line of all book making peace between north and south korea which they of course would like to do they may lose one of their biggest important enemies and this is a big damage to the war industry who were who were they going to two or take all next in you know uh i i can tell you that they're going to take on next china they're already preparing it and and and russia as well but you know the during a hard time because to trying to selling all stuff to us yeah i mean it's it is is not easy this is yeah you're right and if i'm not i think that's the problem but that's the big worry in warning during an and wall street fell days yeah that they will lose one of their biggest most important enemies yeah it's it's uh it's an interesting theory add i'm not sufficiently wired into the military industrial complex to to know what they are thinking but you're right i mean they they they suck up half the federal budget it's lewis a mindboggling industry out there the process motive has been the biggest destruction all the resources and the and the earth earth has ever experienced and of our government this were the primary sponsors of the tunnel yeah well we i but i mean the bringing the profit motive into governor warren harding and '19 '20 ran on a platform of less government in business more business and government 'nother is deregulate and privatise and he did that in the 20s kicked off the worrying 20s which led directly to the great crash of 1929 reagan ran on essentially the same thing and started the process.

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