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I never thought doing that. I'm just saying like, look at the home ballpark. Okay. Lefties gannet homers there. He's striking people out. No reason to think he's not durable. Yeah. I mean top fifty. I don't see you doing it. I I don't know if I do or not like Willett sure. He'll be in your seven, tough seventy five. Oh, I think he will. The big issue I have with him is that not an elite k. rate not only ground ball rate, not an elite rate of keeping hard contact down and he's got the righty lefty split where he's getting a lot more contact led to the lefty. So to your point, the ballpark is a ballpark for him. Yes. He was almost anywhere else in San Diego. I don't think I'd be anyway. Yes, I think Erica region keep pitching this well, dude. Tyrone Tyrone, Ty. I mean like now that he's pitching he's been good all year, hasn't he? I at least I think. So I've got him at one league and I tell you. Oh, yeah. Brett rights swore zaken Hicks is Anthony and Jordan are both available my league. Had he approached closers on bad teams versus the man in waiting on a good team. I of automobiles. The cardinals are a good team. Jordan are bad team. I think they're kind of a middling angels type team. But swertz Zack appears to be the Mets closer so and and he could get five saves. You could get seven saves in August, just like Peralta did for the royals, even bad teams. Once in awhile, give their closers, chances am I crazy and thinking, Jordan Hicks is going to take this job and but north like to me, if there's one closer who is traded in August, it's Norse. Baldwin. Ours waivers Yankees and Red Sox are gonna win, bud Norris. I mean, I can't see, but ours getting through waivers. I'm just to be honest with you. It's a three million deal for one year. So you would say swore Zach, over Hicks right now for a fantasy spot? I, I mean on raw talent. It's Hicks all the way here, but it's just at this point, how does bud Norris get traded? I mean, the other thing is the cardinals could attempt to just shift an ear and audition all their youngsters. We didn't even mention Harrison, baiter Tyler o.'neil that they should be playing every day just to get a look at their platooning to right handed hitters and valor, but you can't sit found. You're not gonna dump. I got. I know it's a sunk cost, but you're not gonna do that. Now. I think Tyler o.'neil chance to be a a great fantasy option. You can't play every day strikes out way too much. Doesn't walk rally. Harrison. Baiter could be Tommy fam- if they just let them. The power might not be the equivalent of, but to your point. Yeah, to your point about the categories fifteen homers and twenty five steals of Harrison beta played every day. Bater is a very underrated defensive player and the best fit for center fielder center fielder. I don't know why they're not putting them every day. I don't either, but you know, I was getting out of patience on on thinking, Jordan Hicks, gonna get significant saves. He could get claimed by a team that is competitive and then they could work at a deal or they could just dump them on that team. That's a possibility. Yeah. I mean, they just dumped Greg Holland. Now's a lot more money, but no future. Like what? Like just stick north on waivers and the dodgers can pick them up. He'd probably be, aren't there seventh-inning Geyer, Ethan, and. Got right now..

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