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Ago Malcolm now I mean I see you. They'll the mall I mean. Give me your your favorites. I guess version. Because they're either favorites on which ones you know. You say this Guy. This time your garden into wall the group that got me really into Into music was Ozzie. When I was a kid the first time I ever heard crazy train it was like you know I'd like that's it. Man never seventh grade in a kid said to me goes. You've got to check out this Guy Ozzie. And so I went home that night and I turned on the local rock station buffalo and I heard crazy train and that was There was no turn it back from there so that was really what started it. Then I mean just it goes down the list but I bet a chance talk you know. Hang out her interview. A lot of my heroes is probably not too many that I haven't i. I always wanted to meet and talk to Ronnie James Deal. Alice Cooper is and I've interviewed him at all of them so it's Really been very fortunate so very cool Like for example. I was listening to you today and you played some alison chains and some some ACDC etc. But if you had three albums that you can only play the rest of your life. What would those be and three albums? Well I mean you mentioned allison chains and I. I've got a record collection sitting here in front of you about four hundred records die I got back into albums like three years ago and Alison chains facelift rider. First one is probably one of my favorites on. I gotTa take a Beatles record with Nick sized love the Beatles so much discovered them when John Lennon was killed. Speaking of tragic moment that we all remember right and I guess I'd have to take one of Ozzy's first. Two records in a solo was revised diary amendment. That's just off the top of my head but Yeah that's a tough one. I remember that you You're you're going to ask me about that. I should have thought more about it. What manner so money just depends every day? You know if you're in a different mood feel something different so you know.

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