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Meathead movie buff, Animal lover, Safe driver. Five years of driving an ambulance teaches you a thing or two. If people knew what I know lives could be saved. When I see a car trying to rush past the turning bus. I get concerned, you see when big vehicles turn right. They have to swing wide to make the turn. And that's a lesson. You don't want to learn the hard way. Trucks and buses turn, Let's you and I wait. It's our roads. Our safety visit www dot share the road safely dot gov. Detroit police chief Craig has directed that officers are required to intervene if they see a fellow officer involved in misconduct. Police officer shot and killed a man who threw a dagger at the officer and hit him in the face. At the middle of Myers and Grand River last night, Chief Craig said the officers were on their way to a call when they saw that man swinging a sword in the middle of the intersection. Protests will come back to Detroit. The group, which is organized the Detroit area and high police protest, say. It will hold a demonstration in front of the McNamara Federal building late today, They're against federal officers coming to Detroit, they say. The authorities say the federal agents will help Detroit with illegal gun control. And will not be part of any patrolling against protests. The city of Portland was quieter last night after nearly two months of protests and violent clashes between protesters and federal officers for the last month. Peace in Portland. I think they've been making some changes Thursday night, the first in a while, where tear gas wasn't wafting through the air fires were not set. Some tried but were stopped by other protesters. No real breach of the federal building. In fact, By one AM, most protesters had gone home no battle between protesters and federal officers. No arrests by local police. In fact, Was virtually no sign of police at all or state troopers that we're taking over the guarding of the federal courthouse. Somebody is listening and that our voices are being heard Good sign heading into the weekend. I'm Jim wrote. The Oakland County prosecutor Jessica Cooper tells the Michigan Court of Appeals that she supports the release of a 15 year old girl who was placed in the county juvenile home after a judge ruled the girl violated her probation by refusing to do her online homework. Activists and all of Michigan's Democratic members of Congress charge. The case illustrated racial bias in the justice system. The girl named Grace is black doctor Fauci and his boss have returned to Capitol Hill. And they're telling members of a select house committee that there's no end in sight to the pandemic. Douchey doctor Falke was asked about the wisdom of reopening schools a default position, despite the fact that we have to have flexibility would be to try and as best as we possibly can, in the context of the safety of the Children, and the teachers open the schools for the very reasons that I think you mentioned And that Dr Redfield mentioned because of the negative consequences on Children from a psychological standpoint as well of the downstream.

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