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Start off with Carlos in Texas. Carlos what's happened to my friend. Zachariah then why? Yeah. You know, what you should give us a shadow 'cause it's supposed to snow this weekend. And I'm not too happy about it. Because my travel plans for tomorrow, it'd be messed up from it. But go ahead. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Definitely the seasons. Grind. And that's the other coaches and know. For season. But you know, Brady dangerous bro is no fantasy spotlight's on everybody. Now and hit them with some reality. I love Mahomes read, but you know, Belen shaking Brady they've been doing their little arch city Lord things, you know, for awhile. So just be safe man copter. I'll take care of eighty bro. Yeah. Appreciate it. Carlos. Here's the thing with the pats whenever they lose a game, it gets magnified more than any other team in the NFL because they've been so successful since two thousand and one now this has not been the best patriot team I've ever seen. There was reasons to doubt them there was reasons to have concern, but with no one really pulling away in the AFC and no one really looking like, hey, I'm the best team. And then there's been times there's been ways where we thought it was Pittsburgh for a little bit. You thought it was the chiefs you thought it was the chargers since no one really went on out and sealed that label. This was going into. He said, hey, the patriots. There are some flaws. There's some deficiencies not as good as the past. But there's still a patriots. They'll got Brady they still got Bella check, and they still make a run. So I'm not surprised the patriots are back in the AFC title game. I'm not I think it's going to be a close game. I really do think is going to be a close game. I think we'll come right down to the wire. And I understand that we can get caught up in some of the silly history that people just make a little bit ridiculous. I'll get into that later but experience in terms of Brady and ballot. Check, you wonder how the inexperience of homes factors into this one. I think that it's not gonna play a huge difference because Mahomes can make some throws that are just absolutely ridiculous. But the homes and some games this year. You look at their best their best opponents. He's had some turnovers that's of turnovers up against the pats. Even though we rebounded in the. Second half. And let them back to get the lead before losing the game. But it wasn't his fault. The Rams game. He fumbled the football a few times through some interceptions as well. So in some of those games that have been on the biggest stage this year. He's he's had some great numbers. But he's also turned over the football. So it's something to to look at it. And if you to do that last chargers game in there on the season that was another big game for them. And they weren't able to protect that a fourteen point lead that they had before the two point conversion at the end. Let's go to Greg in Boston, Greg. What you got from it? I just wanted to say. The patch? The patch chiefs game, I think it really comes down to the fact that the patriots are as healthy as they've ever been joining us to an AFC championship healthy, they're very healthy. They have Dont'a Hightower, which is the the x factor for them. That's the guy that that really goes into the game. And if Donna Hightower has been healthy over the last three four years the patriots are at their best on defense. I mean same same. I guess you could say for for McCorvey, and he's healthy too. And see you have a healthy defense, Trey flowers, the most underrated player, maybe in the NFL. He might be the most underrated player kind of very good Super Bowl a few years ago. Very good Super Bowl various, your pool, and you have high tower you have flowers, and you have mccourty those three guys that are absolutely essential. The biggest for me Greg in this game. And we get caught up in the defense so much and Hightower was was really good in that first match up against the chiefs. Have that interception. If memory serves me, right? I think it's it's more the offense, and it's establishing that run game early because time of possession, and this one is gonna matter so much, and if the patriots could get on a driver to that goes eleven twelve plays that finishes off with the touchdown or two that's going to be big and shifting the momentum and quieting down that crowd a time of possession to me is the biggest key in this game the patriots Russia attack. I mean, I totally agree. And I think that that a lot of people are gonna fall in love with the tight ends. And and all who has more catches Travis Kelsey, rob gronkowski if gronkowski can walk in and they can control line of scrimmage patriots. Like the the the chargers game if gronkowski can can do that exact same thing. The patriots are going to absolutely wall. If he can do you know what I think it's different from from last week. And I think this is going to be a close game and gronk was so special last week in the in the run blocking category only had one catch. And maybe a bigger performance this way in terms of catching the football. But I'd be very surprised if this is a blowout. I would be I think this is a field goal game. You know, less than a touchdown type of game. I don't see how this is going to be a blowout. I don't and even if it gets out of hand either way, I think it'd be like twenty eight to seventeen I don't see this being a blowout. I just don't. Because you're going to they're building. You have a quarterback who's playing out of his mind right now thrown fifty touchdown passes. I just don't see this one being thirty five to seven. I don't I don't think you're going into halftime and thinking this game's over and even as Mahomes or Brady either them get down. We know Brady's able to come back in the big spot. And we've seen the homes do it up against the pats on when these two teams met the first time. So I think this a full sixty minute game. I really do Stephen Boston. Go ahead. Steve how you doing Jack doing great? I just you just don't think the parents get the credit that they do. They don't talk so long that you know, they played nineteen Super Bowl. Everybody plays their best against the they get the credit everyone at the end of the day knows how great this team is what happens is you have a few talking heads on ESPN and FOX that are extremely critical of every move that Tom Brady makes. And because that's the sexy story line that gets a lot apply. It was every every right to doubt the patriots this year when they lose the lions when they lose to the Jaguars where they lost the Miami. There were reasons to doubt them but Brady umbrella checks so as long as they're still going. Hey, we don't know when this is gonna end and always have a shot. Dope of it all but your question you asked to to see the Super Bowl, and I would love to see Brady and Brees the two oldest quarterback so football playing. That's why Brady Payton manning is to be such a good game. 'cause they both were the offenses. And I think the closest guy running his own offense breeze. So I love to see those two of the Super Bowl, and you get to great coaches to embellish jacket and Sean Payton. So that would be fun. You have a lot of good storylines. Really with all these games it. You'd have tremendous story lines. Rams. Chiefs would be a rematch. Saints pats Brady Brees, they'd market the you know, what out of that. If he gets saints and chiefs, you have a little old school new school. Yeah. Mahomes, and you would have drew Brees. And the Rams pats. I know we don't want to go back to Super Bowl thirty six. But because that wouldn't have any effect on on this one in in two thousand nineteen but with ranson pats. Hey, you get McVay verse spellcheck you'd have Brady and Donald you'd have. You'd have tremendous story lines. When you have the four best offenses. In the league, you're going to get what people like right now in this age of football, which is you're gonna get points. And it's gonna come down to what defense makes timely stop. I'm fine with any of these combinations. Any of those four combinations. If you take your phantom out of it. Hey, any of these four would would be great for the viewer. I really do believe that David Annapolis Maryland. Go ahead. Dave, hey, that first of all I want to give you some proper. You're opening monologue. Taught me more about the match up on Sunday. Then I've heard all weeks. I appreciate that. My appreciate you making the common. Thank you for listening. You know, what I would love to see chiefs Rams, and to be honest with you. It's nothing scientific football's a game. So I like to have fun with it. Number one. I'm sick of the patriots. But more than that. I I'm looking at uniforms. I've been mad at the paths ever since I got rid of the Quaker oatmeal guy off their helmet. They win the saints where black on black. They look like a bad high school team. Okay. So you're big on on the uniform sorta kinda but I would love to see that the chiefs do good. I love when a mid western team does good for some reason. And the Rams have. I dunno. It Dave interrupt. You Benji Reid was able to win the Super Bowl. How do you think? He would look in Gary bath just wondering since you're very big on. How people look. Well. Well, if you wanna make yourself lab at the next commercial break, Google, Andy Reid baby photo. And there's a couple of fans in in in Kansas City that has the baby oh I've seen that Kim and its exact it's an exact image. Yeah. I also like when you have the Kool aid man gifts, and you have Andy Reid the Burston through a door always find that comical, but if you get rans and chiefs the Rams defense and that gives it gets. So high scoring was fifty four fifty one. I think the Rams defense had twenty one points in that game. It was crazy. So I don't think it'd be that high scoring this time around, but that'd be attract meat as well. Let me take one more before the break, we go to Portland. Maine. Scotty is on CBS sports radio. Zet Gallup, Scott. What you got that keep up the great job. Lifelong forty year old Broncos fan can take off the glasses last two patriots callers called it. Typical patriots fans. That's. The pastor very lucky that I'm sorry. Actually, the chiefs are lucky that this game is in Kansas City because to your exact point it's not gonna be a blow out. It's not going to be attract meet like this is in New England. I think it was definitely go into England's flavor. The the x factor is the chiefs fans that stadium can get rocking. Like, I don't know. What I think the challenge will be not having Kareem hunt. You know because to your point earlier. I mean, he unbelievable running back next level winning back. My matchup would be Kansas City in New Orleans because I think drew Brees should he hit the second ring. It would definitely move him up and put them in the category of the Peyton Manning. Obviously he's not going to be up there with Tom Brady or Joe Montana. But he would definitely elevate him too that next year. Thanks yet. No problems. Gotta be big for his legacy that there's no doubt about it. And you know, I wonder if people are getting tired the patriots. Or if they're fine was seen them in the big game because every big game Super Bowl. The patriots have been in support thirty six sensational Super Bowl thirty eight came right down to the end. Thirty nine was three point game. The two losses for the patriots up against the giants. Close games came right down to the end the Seahawks game bats are down. Ten. They came back wanted great Super Bowl the Emma Butler, even when it was looking ugly twenty eight to three the pats came back last year Super Bowl right down to the end. So I understand maybe some people are saying enough with the patriots don't want see the patriots anymore. And you know, that's not where I live. But. Any page sort of Super Bowl. I give you a great game. So I can understand why a lot of people want to see the chiefs of homes, and and that appeal fifty touchdowns MVP Andy Reid, you could root for a guy like Andy Reid. But it's on the patriots in it. You know, you're getting a good game. When we come back. I know we talked about some history there's two historical statistics that are being thrown out there that I think have no outcome on this patriots. And chiefs game. I'll tell you about it when we come back and also I have a thought about two players, and I wonder what's going through their head right now. We'll talk about when we come back. Eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two two forty two twenty seven. Here's Jay Berman. Played a CBS sports update. Sports flash. Thanks very much. Zach we'll start in the NBA warriors beat the clippers at Staples in LA one twelve ninety four Steph curry had twenty eight to lead all warriors..

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