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Out of control here in the city, and we can lay the blame for that at the feet of progressives and liberals and Democrats, people like Glenn Berman. Okay, these are people who they just want to let criminals go free because they believe that the capitalist system is so evil. The criminals are the victims of capitalism. It's unbelievable. And I mean de Blasio is a disaster on crime. And Cuomo is the guy in Albany who signed that bill that allowed people to get out of jail with no bail. I mean, these are the people you support. How can you support them? Lynn? Can you leave me out of this? This is not by this. You're blaming me for something that I had nothing to do with. Okay, Well, these are your people. These are your folks. The Democrats. Also in the Big three. Um F. Lee Bailey, Fame criminal defense attorney. He has died now coming up at burn around 8 25. We're going to have our buddy Jeffrey Lichtman, a great criminal defense attorney himself. He's going to be on Tell us what was the the secret to F. Lee Bailey? Success? He did get O. J. Simpson off the hook on the death of Nicole. Kid up in the cold Simpson. Nicole Kidman. Good. Sorry. He did get O. J off the hook on Nicole Simpson. And, uh, I have to say, I mean F. Lee Bailey, kind of a I don't know a controversial figure. But I do have to say let because I followed that trial like everybody did. I was riveted to it. When F. Lee Bailey went after Mark Furman and got the racial stuff out of there. You knew you knew he had scored a big one on that one. By the way, we just had Dan Abrams on the ABC legal analyst because he has a new book out about the Jack Ruby trial from way back when, Um Natalie said that, um, that Dan put out a tweet that said he spoke to all the lawyers on the Dream team for O. J. Simpson before, during and after the trial, and he says of all of them, there is only one of them. Who really thought that O. J was innocent? And that was F. Lee Bailey. Really? Wow. Yeah, interesting, interesting lawyer. And I think Jeffrey Lichtman will have some good thoughts on the legacy such as it is of F. Lee Bailey and running out the Big three. So we were eagerly awaiting yesterday that UFO report at the Pentagon finally put out And well, it's a report that only someone like Len could love. Love it. We don't know if they're aliens. We don't know if they're Russians. We don't know if they're Chinese. We don't know if they're probes. We just don't know what they are. So we'll have to wait and see. Yeah, we're not gonna We're not going to say there were aliens, but we're not going to say they're not aliens, which I think that's a perfect report. I think we need more investigation. Michael. We need to study this little further. Joe. This is classic Biden era Politics Classic Biden era bureaucracy Had Trump been there. We would have known what they were, Trump would have gotten to the bottom of it. He would have released the report and said, folks, this is what's really going on. But now that we're back in the swamp of the Biden type people the circle back sake, takes type spokesman. It's all going to be But I'm no, we're not sure. Why do a report if you don't come to a conclusion, and it's kind of like Robert Mueller? No, they complain. Just like Mueller. They concluded that No, You can't say those are aliens. But we can't say they're not aliens. So we can't say that Trump was guilty. But we can't say he's not guilty. Same thing as the Mueller report this substitute aliens for Trump and you got the same report in terms of this report. This is technology that does not exist on Earth. It has to come from someplace other than Earth That makes it alien. Well, but they can't say it's alien, but they can't say it's tough. Hey, Natalie. I love it, and they're a perfect report. Yeah, but I I just feel then that Yeah, the thing about Trump and this is why I supported Trump. He cut through all this nonsense. He just cut through it. He's the guy who forced the government to release the report in the first place. Now, he then You know he was deposed. He wasn't unelected. He was deposed because of the nonsense that went on and that voting And so now that he's out of the picture. You're not gonna get me, Michael. It's not gonna happen. Relaxed. It's a Friday I'm doing. It's not gonna happen. That's all good it No, he didn't. Not even close. I saw right through you. You are mister Cellophane from Chicago. Should have been my name. But here's the thing, Joe. You know if Trump had released that report, or he would have looked at that report said this is not good enough. I want to know what's really going on there. He would have made them redo that report. I think Biden toned it down. I think the Biden White House toned it down, so no, we can't say that Trump would if Trump would have given you the truth. Yeah. Yep, he would have Oh, Well, someone who can give us Canada. Yeah, Let's get the truth here. Alright, Reclined, the ABC news political director, and he is also the co host of powerhouse politics podcast from Washington, where he swims in the swamp recline. How are you? What? No kidding. Great to be with you guys. Great to be with you. As always, Rick. That was that was riddled by the ways I have the utmost respect for political directors at major networks, Riedel says They're all swamp creatures. So you know, you got to have to deal with Riedel here. You're kidding that we're kidding. So, Rick, all right, and what's going on with the infrastructure bill are is by going to be able to strike a deal with the Republicans to get this through the through the Senate. Well, I think this is make or break day. He's going to have another conversation with us Senator Capito of West Virginia to see if there's something to to move on. He has changed his tune on the corporate taxes. The Republicans have up their bit a little bit. He's down his bid a lot, but now we see if there's something real here. One complaint we've heard pretty consistently from Republicans is that Biden himself? Is more likely to want to deal than his own aides and staffers. But this is the principal speaking directly. Uh and I think you know close of business. Today We'll have a pretty good sense as to whether there's something that's attainable. Alright. Correct me if I'm wrong, Rick and I probably am. My gut feeling is Biden could give the Republicans everything they want and more, and they're still going to vote? No, because that's what you do you become the opposing party. Well, there's a big school of thought that says that this is just an attempt by Republicans to while the clock on the rest of the agenda and that we know where the movie is going to end. A lot of lot of former Obama aides have been saying that explicitly that this is this is not a real effort to to achieve something, and that the sooner the Biden walks away from the table, the better. But we don't know yet, And the other thing is that you know, it's a little different from the Obama years. Even we act as if this is a luxury for the president to try to get Republicans on board. He doesn't have the Democrats on board right now. He needs Republicans you have passed. You need at least some kind of a of a budget even passed something basic when it comes to his his big priorities around Around around infrastructure, almost anything else, so maybe that he has no choice, but But I think the question as to whether this is a genuine attempt to, uh, to achieve a real deal or not, is a live one and an active one and a pretty important one at this moment. So let's say, Rick that he stymied. I mean, is then the pressure on mansion senator's mansion and, uh, cinema there to agree to end the filibuster so that Biden can get his infrastructure plan through. Yeah, I think as soon as as soon as you see, you know, if if we have a Republican negotiations collapse as soon as that happens, the attention has to turn entirely to the other side, which is the Democrat and what they can do by themselves. And, yes, Mention the cinema. I was really struck to see Biden called them out this week and say, You know, those guys vote with the Republicans more than my own party? It's flat, big false. First of all, it's just not sure that they vote more with Republicans. They are holding up parts of the agenda, but it also just kind of pokes him in the eye at this moment, which is a curious strategy when you need those votes so badly Around with recline, ABC NEWS Political director. Hey, Rick, you know our buddies on the show here, including our newsman job,.

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